Why Succulent houseplants are so popular?

Why everyone is suddenly posting about #succulents?

Succulents are fresh, they’re pretty, and they require minimum maintenance! Isn’t this amazing? It totally is — and that’s the reason almost every person around us is drooling over the succulent plant culture today. Succulents have taken social media by storm.

The outbreak of coronavirus has revamped the way we people used to live in different ways. It has put a stop to the usual outdoor activities, and now everyone is much more looking to find new distractions around the house. Exploring diverse plants has superseded meeting friends and decorating your personal space has taken over going out. It is a usual human behavior to look for low maintenances, and that’s when succulent plants have become the trendiest choice today. Be it the evergreen aloe vera or the spiky cactus – enthusiasts are all up for it! Posting photos of it all over Instagram and Facebook. 

Succulent plants are known for their drought tolerance and often also take this name. These are considered to be one’s best friend – be it a beginner gardener or a passionate houseplant collector! 

Succulents – The New Social Media Trend: Why is that?

Let’s take a deep insight into why having pretty succulent plants has become a social media trend and the underlying reason behind people using these as a reason to break through the everyday clutter. 

By exploring the pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms, one can see that Succulent plants have no visual boundaries. This houseplant category is available in diversified colors, textures, and sizes. One can play around with the shapes and look for color combinations that go with their living space and ambient. Keeping this in mind, one can go for a circular pot or paint a rectangular one and then set up their favorite succulents in that. Netizens are posting photos on social media. Also, this new fad of decorating the succulent plant pot with different figurines makes it even more appealing. 

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Another point, behold, this is an interesting one! Buying one succulent means passing it on to your generations as a preloved possession. The big idea that goes behind is the art of propagation. This technique involves breeding specimens of a plant by natural processes from the parent plant. Intriguing enough, isn’t it? It definitely is! Take a cutting of your favorite succulents leaf or stem and create your own mix & match version.

Buying one succulent means passing it on to your generations as a preloved possession

Today individuals are coming up with personalized, cozy yet well-lit plant corners – this lets them break through the negativity clutter! Wondering how’s that? Let us tell you the incredible breakoff. To say the least, just eyeing your succulent corner radiates positivity. It brightens up the dull environment and purifies the air. That’s not it – succulents are known to help you improve your focus and enhance memory. Make it a routine to drink your morning cup of tea sitting at your favorite corner; it’ll help you kickstart an energized day!

Last but not least, where you want to have your succulents is completely your domain! Keep a succulent houseplant pot in your bathroom or design a customized wreath for your room – it all works at the end of the day. Too versatile and a little too eco-friendly, these are undoubtedly a great addition to the world of plant enthusiasts. 

The people’s escalating interest in succulent plants makes us talk about another aspect. Yes, there’s more to it – succulents symbolize endurance and timeless love as they are tenacious, water-storing plants! Succulent plants only need to be watered when their soil is dried out, say every 17 to 21 days. Let it resonate with your personality. 

Image: succulentsssss via Instagram

Where to buy your favorite succulent home plants?

Due to growing popularity, many startups have started to sell a variety of succulent plants. A few of them are:

  • The Succulent Source: This plant store is a one-stop solution to all your succulent needs. From catering to guest favors to letting you choose your favorite cuttings for DIY projects, delivering amazing value is what they consider their unique selling point. Check out their website to know more.
  • Leaf & Clay: This premium store is undoubtedly a dream come true for succulent lovers; it has it all. Mastering the skills of remarkable brand customer service, this company has an excellent delivery mechanism. All you gotta do is to choose your best-loved succulent range and they will cater to the rest. From providing a care guide to catering to all types of customers, this brand lets you have a subscription box from as low as $19.95.
  • Planet Desert: Looking for rare succulent buys? This place is your go solution! Planet Desert believes in strengthening customer relationships and valuing their wants – this is evident in their marketing campaigns! That’s not it, and they also promise the best possible prices. 

What are you waiting for then? Start looking up for your favorite succulent collectibles & create your very own succulent garden – something that can be passed onto generations! 

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