TikTok Community Guidelines

All that you need to know about the TikTok community rules and regulations!

TikTok has more than one billion active users. So, creating a safe space for the community to share and discover new content is of utmost importance. The creators take special measures to ensure users have the best online experience. They go the extra mile by updating TikTok community guidelines. This sets them apart from other social media platforms. They aim to create an inclusive place for content creators to express themselves. These rules and regulations remove the fear of scrutiny and judgment among users.

TikTok aims to promote a safe environment with positive interactions between users. The platform has tackled the issues into categories to keep the space friendly. You can refer to the community guidelines to generate fresh and authentic content. This can lower the incidence of content and/or account removal. It’s an effort to “help keep TikTok welcoming and entertaining for creators and viewers alike.”

Important TikTok Community Guidelines

Here are some important TikTok community guidelines to create a safe space for users:

Violence and Hateful Behavior

TikTok forbids promoting violence or spreading hate speech against any group (race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.). It can result in a temporary or permanent ban on the user.

Harassment and Bullying

TikTok is an inclusive platform prohibiting bullying and any form of harassment. Any inappropriate behavior results in strict action. Hence, it is an effort to track and control malicious activities.

Adult Nudity and Sexual Activities

TikTok prohibits adult content, nudity, or suggestive content. It is an effort to ensure the platform is safe for a younger audience.

Graphic Content

TikTok doesn’t promote animal cruelty or content with shock value. It’s a place to express your creativity without harming yourself or anyone/thing else in the process.

Content Infringement

One of the most important TikTok community guidelines is to share original content. If users don’t compile with them, it results in the removal of the videos, but the creator has the option to appeal.

A Recent Update in TikTok’s Community Guidelines

TikTok has updated its “harmful misinformation” policy. They updated it about how users should not spread false information about elections. For the first time, TikTok mentioned government and scientific institutions in their guidelines. As a result, it discourages users from posting misleading information that can harm some politicians’ reputations.

Another change in the guidelines is on the new U.S. privacy policy, where user biometric data may be gathered. TikTok failed to explain its interest in collecting “faceprints and voiceprints.” Yet, before implementation of this data collection, they’ll ask users for consent.

TikTok must ask permission from users from Illinois, Washington, California, Texas and New York. That’s because there are laws about gathering biometric information in these states. It means users from other states aren’t informed about it due to lack of laws. Additionally, real-life threats are reported to the authorities due to increased security issues.

Criticism TikTok Faced For its Misinformation Policy

TikTok recently elaborated on its misinformation policy. They are discouraging users to prohibit manipulating or spreading false news around elections. It can result in the removal of posts or a temporary account ban. This particular clause was a cause of user uproar as they didn’t agree with content removal.

For instance, a U.S. teenager got blocked after she posted about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China. The content didn’t focus on Chinese politics, but it was still censored. Hence, users criticize the new policies.

What happens if You Violate The Community Guidelines?

TikTok removes content or account, if a user fails to follow the TikTok community guidelines. It’s an attempt to create a safe space where everyone feels welcomed and respected. Hence, users should be mindful of local laws and post what’s permissible. Nonetheless, anything not following the guidelines is reported.


TikTok takes special measures to update its community guidelines. A safe and inclusive environment helps foster trust among users. Moreover, this also ensures they’re respectful of each other. Hence, TikTok community guidelines help tackle many serious issues (hate speech, violent content, misleading information, etc.). Hopefully, it increased some know-how of what happens due to policy violations.

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