A Complete Guide to Creating Engagement Interactive Posts

Let’s explore the techniques that you can use to create interactive engaging posts!

In today’s technologically advanced world, individuals want to interact with social media posts. This measure helps establish an indirect form of communication with the brand. And also allows the audience members to relay their thoughts to the respective brand. Creating engagement interactive posts has now become a central part of a company’s marketing strategy. In reality, almost 88% of marketers say that interactive content is a key differentiating factor that helps set you apart from the competition. 

Engagement Interactive Posts

Engagement interactive posts serve the sole purpose of encouraging interaction with prospective customers. The two parties involved in this conversation are the creators and viewers. Simply put, engagement on social media is defined as liking, commenting or even sharing posts. 

Interactive posts that can help improve engagement include surveys, questions or polls. Brands are now more interested than ever to know what consumers are thinking about their product offerings. This is key when a brand decides to revamp its operations or even when launching a new product. Imagine creating interactive engagement posts as an open-world game with infinite possibilities. 

Advantages of Engagement Interactive Posts

Increases Engagement Levels

Every company wants to build a community, which is possible only due to engagement. This can be done through social platforms. Such as Instagram and Facebook. Ideally, you should create relevant content that primarily focuses on building engagement. Interactive content receives twice as much engagement as compared to a static one. 

When an individual likes, shares or comments on your post. It helps create the impression that your content is of value to the target audience. This triggers a mechanism where the platform starts to promote your content, to reach even larger audiences. Which can help increase your followers, inevitably leading to an improvement in conversion rate. 

Once your post starts getting likes and shares, it sets a precedent. Your brand would become synonymous with authentic content. For both the audience members and the platform’s algorithm. This measure improves your brand’s visibility which leads to an increase in followers.

Data Collection 

When consumers interact with your posts, it helps generate leads. The data can be used to close deals in a steadfast manner. Brands can contact individuals via telephone or email and ask for their requirements. 

Implement interactive content on your social media pages to help streamline the process of lead generation. If you’re feeling enthusiastic, you may even directly message your prospective customers. And relay your product offerings to them. This is an ideal way to build and maintain your brand’s reputation. 

You can even ask customers for data. Such as requirements, age, and income class. This would ensure that your marketing efforts are targeted to ensure a decent conversion rate. Individuals would gladly provide you with data. Knowing that, eventually, they would be the ones benefiting from this exchange. 

Improved Brand Awareness and Loyalty

When you create interactive posts on social media, it can improve your brand’s visibility levels. Your content would reach individuals beyond your locality. People would recognize your brand as an up-and-coming name in the industry. And might even make favorable purchase decisions from your store. 

Creating engaging and interactive content makes the audience members a part of your brand’s story. It’s the prerequisite of building a community around your product offerings. Consumers would be the central part of your content. Your content can be either surveys, quizzes or assessments. It creates a shared experience that will be more noteworthy to your audience. And help them to develop a deeper loyalty to your brand. 

Interactive content is an exercise that helps boost trust levels amongst individuals. Consumers will get to know your brand on a deeper level. And the positive experiences that you create will shape their perception of who you are and what you stand for.

Increase in Conversion Rate

Creating interactive posts on social media can cause a spike in traffic and sales. This applies to your website or an e-commerce store. If you create interactive social media posts, it can give you the much-needed boost to optimize your social media presence. However, be mindful of where the CTAs are placed. 

Make sure that they are aligned with the message being relayed through the post. Imagine your social media post as the home’s exterior. If that’s appealing, people would like to know what the interior looks like. Hence CTAs play an important role in improving a brand’s conversion rate. Once consumers click on the CTA, it redirects them to the seller’s website. Where they can make the necessary purchases. 

Ideas For Engagement Interactive Posts

Interactive Calculators 

Interactive calculators are creative and useful forms of creating engaging social media content. This technique allows brands to increase their reach. While also generating new leads that help improve the conversion rate. But be sure you don’t get too overwhelmed and create something without structure. Ideally, you should start by addressing customer concerns. 

And what problem are you trying to solve? This is where the interactive calculator comes in. Which is perfect for resolving specific queries forwarded by customers. Make the calculator visible on your company’s social media page. So that it is accessible to everyone. 

For example, if you are selling shirts, you can provide a demonstration of what different sizes look like. This measure would allow prospective customers to make informed decisions. It helps resolve customer queries allowing them to make repeat purchases from your store. 

Incorporate Live Videos

Although live videos aren’t social media posts but are a form of interactive content that is crucial to a brand’s marketing strategy. These videos are shot in real-time and contain unfiltered content from your favorite brand. Business leaders can interact with viewers through live chat and even answer questions. 

Such interactive content is now being implemented into various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. If you want to create this form of content, be sure to select a time when most of your followers are online. This ensures that your efforts don’t go to waste. And you’re not just sitting and having a conversation with one individual. 

Live Videos: A Way to Increase Audience Engagement

Ask Questions 

Everyone wants to give their input when asked a question. Asking viewers questions or what they think about a certain product can help improve the engagement rate. Viewers would rush to comment. Creators can ask questions through Instagram Stories. This can either be done through video or the post’s caption. 

Questions can be about products or services that customers have used or are looking to use. Audience members can respond to the question by commenting on the post or answering it directly through Stories. It’s similar to quizzes or polls. But asking questions can allow you to engage more with the target audience. 

If a viewer answers questions, you can respond to them. It can either happen through reposting the answer on your social media handle or messaging them directly. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just like the comments from your prospective clients. This will help viewers feel validated. And that their feedback holds value to your brand. 

Use Sweepstakes

Simply put, a sweepstake is a type of contest that brands host. The purpose is to give back to the community. This is especially useful for businesses that rely on social media to boost conversion rates. Influencers can shortlist which individuals are worthy of the giveaway. Such an interactive post is an example of high risk, high reward. 

As the brand is giving away its products to dozens of people, there is a risk that people don’t make another purchase from your store. Which means that indirectly you would be incurring a loss. Another issue is that if suspected that the results of the contest were rigged, it can lead to a backlash. 

When creating a giveaway post, influencers should inform the participants about the prize and where they can collect it. Once the winner has been decided through an unbiased system, make sure to make an announcement. Reach out to the winner and ask for permission to reveal who they are. Or do they wish to stay anonymous? 

Let The Game Begin!

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to spend less than a minute on each post. And if the content isn’t exciting enough, individuals might just scroll away. You can turn your social media posts into fun games. So that the audience simply can’t resist the temptation to click on the post. 

If you don’t want to hire an animation artist or creative director but still create exciting posts? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. You can use simple images and video content to create engaging games for your target audience. For example, you can use the power of gifs and emojis to tease the launch of an upcoming product. Let your audience guess what it is. 

Encourage individuals to comment on their answers in the comments section. If someone guesses the right answer, incentivize them by giving them a promotional code. So that they can purchase their favorite items from your store. It’s a fairly simple idea; you don’t need to incorporate fancy graphics. However, one thing that’s a must is creativity. So wear your creative hats and get thinking about gamification. 

ce Interactive Games on Instagram For Audience Engagement (Source: Vista Social)

Interactive Infographics

Another way you can create engagement interactive posts is through infographics. One company that has really put infographics to good use is Optum. It’s a health service and technology business. Which allows health experts to connect with patients through health management systems. The company made a switch to a fee-for-value model from the existing fee-for-service model. 

Optum created interactive infographics that enabled users to draw comprehensive analyses. And even download supplemental content throughout the outlined stages. Instead of information being placed in one position now, the users could direct their own educational journey. 

Through such infographics, you can become aware of industry trends in a concise manner. Instead of reading large texts, individuals can just go over the infographics and extract relevant information. In summary, infographics allow your target audience to understand your product offerings. Allowing them to make educated purchase decisions. 

Interactive White Paper and eBooks

Interactive eBooks are a content type that has recently become popular. Businesses can release white paper or eBooks with a tinge of creativity. This helps entrepreneurs build an engaging content strategy. This technique is ideal for B2B marketing campaigns. An example of an interactive eBook is Do or Die by Clark Kokich. 

It’s not like any other book but is specifically built for the web. The book contains a number of supplementary materials. Such as links, case studies and even video interviews. Consider how you could apply this concept to the whitepapers and studies that your company has released already. Individuals can even download the eBook and read it when they have time. 

Fill-In-The-Blank Posts

This type of interactive content allows your followers to showcase their creative side. For example, if you run a makeup store. Post something like “My skincare routine lasts_____” and watch the comments skyrocket. People would likely post genuine answers and funny one-liners. 

All is done in good fun. This measure allows a brand into what kind of audience members they are targeting or want to target in the future. Posting something fun and interesting would allow the audience to engage with your content. It can even bring back your previous customers who haven’t bought anything from you in a while. 

Make sure that you subtly incorporate your company’s value proposition into the post. When individual comments below the post, make sure to like their comment. And you can even send them a direct message, appreciating the comment. Whether it was negative, positive or just hilarious. 

SEO x Engagement Interactive Posts

Creating engaging and interactive posts is one thing, but pairing them with your SEO strategy would make your brand unstoppable. This measure can help improve your website ranking, inevitably skyrocketing your visibility beyond borders. It helps improve user experience on your website. This means that individuals would spend more time on your website looking through your product portfolio. 

Creating interactive content would allow other websites to use your content to build authenticity. It is also important for your website to be mobile-responsive. Having content like white papers that are not mobile-friendly can frustrate users. You can create interactive content that works well, even on mobile screens. Focus on creating interactive posts and watch the audience turn their heads in awe.

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