Brand Experience: A Sure-Shot Way to Boost Your Sales!

Here’s how you can enrich the brand experience for your customers!

Brand experience (BX) is an incredible marketing approach. Most brands make use of this powerful strategy through sensory-branding techniques. In the age of digital media, BX is becoming more and more important. In simple terms, BX is defined as the behavioral response to a brand’s marketing efforts. It is worth mentioning that BX encompasses more than just the marketing department. However, brand experience as a marketing strategy is highly promising. With the onset of Metaverse, innovative new BX strategies are set to take the world by storm.  

BX is a central element of marketing and has been long before digital marketing was even a thing. Brands have actively pursued in-store sensory-branding techniques to enhance the BX for their customers. A popular example of how brands develop a unique brand experience for their customers is through color schemes. Many businesses use distinct color schemes like green to symbolize eco-friendly products or pink for women-related products. These colors evoke certain feelings, which can be advantageous for businesses. If you’re looking to improve the BX of your brand, then keep reading!

What Is Brand Experience In Marketing?  

As a marketer, BX is an investment worth looking into. It is a powerful strategy, and there are a million ways to go about it, depending on the product/service you want to market. A positive BX can help a business boost sales, get good reviews and develop an emotional link with customers. If you’re running a business online, then you should be well aware of sensory-branding techniques. You can enrich the BX online through animated short-video content, interactive emails or catchy tunes! In order to optimize the BX for users while maintaining a brand identity, you should incorporate elements into media content that signify your brand’s values. 

BX is heavily reliant on brand associations. These are connections a customer makes with a brand based on ideas, emotions and people associated with the particular brand. In 2023, the brand association factor will be more relevant than ever. Customers are quick to reevaluate their connections to a brand if their practices are unethical or unsustainable. This can impact the BX negatively. Another aspect of BX is storytelling. This is a great way of creating an emotional link with clients. It is closely linked with the BX because it influences the emotions of customers. It is a highly valuable aspect of the BX because it leaves a lasting impression. This emotive strategy can be a driving force in boosting engagement.

Why Is Brand Experience Important? (Source: Customer Thermometer)

How to Improve Brand Experience?

There are endless ways to improve the BX. Whether your brand operates digitally or in-store, you can introduce some of these strategies to enhance the BX. First and foremost, you need to be adequately informed about your customer’s preferences. This information will guide you in picking the best BX-enriching strategies. Secondly, you must always keep yourself updated with the latest strategies. You can do this by observing the strategies employed by your competitors. Thirdly and most importantly, customer data is key.

You can obtain customer feedback through survey tools like SurveyMonkey. If you’re implementing a new strategy, then it’s best to test the idea first. You can ask for feedback from customers and then plan accordingly. Customer feedback is essential for improving the brand experience. You must align your BX tactics according to customer data. The process of improving BX has never been easier in the digital age. Here are our top favorites for enhancing BX. Pick the right one for your brand now!


This is great for improving BX online. For example, animation has the power to strike the senses of viewers. It invokes a sense of curiosity and is great for boosting engagement. Short informational videos with animated content can have a positive influence on users. If there’s humor involved, then it’s a done deal! Many brands make use of animation because it’s a customer favorite. 

In digital marketing, animation can be game-changing. There is a wide range of animation tools at the disposal of marketers. For e-commerce businesses, this can be a great approach to marketing. It forms emotional links with clients through digital media. An effective strategy like this one will lift your marketing game.


The brick-and-mortar stores make use of music and other sensory elements to keep the customer engaged. Music is another powerful determinant of sales success. The right music playing in a store can instantly lift the spirits of customers. This can have a positive influence on their behavior. 

At the same time, terrible music choices can make a customer want to exit the store at the first chance. Music adds to the brand experience significantly. It is common to find retail stores playing pop music to appease their target audience, the younger generation. Big tech companies make use of trademarked sounds for their devices. This element adds to the company’s BX as users are quick to recognize familiar sounds. 


Taglines are excellent tools for improving the brand experience. It is a small part of marketing but a highly effective one. Big brands like Nike and Redbull make use of taglines to convey their brand’s purpose. A tagline helps a brand establish brand identity. It is important for customers to know about the company they are purchasing products or services from. By doing so, it reduces uncertainty. 

The use of logos, color schemes and taglines can work wonders for brands in terms of gaining credibility. These elements reaffirm a brand’s identity. It is essential that marketers focus on making their brand more visible in order to improve brand experience. 

Product Customization 

When brands enable customers to customize products, it makes their experience a million times better. It allows customers to explore their creative side and to create products that fit their needs. Product customization is a hands-on approach to BX. It is utilized by many brands all over the world. Build-a-Bear is a great example of this. 

The success of this BX strategy can be reflected in the high sales of the brand. You cannot go wrong with this strategy because, with this, you’re literally putting the customer in control. This reduces the chances of complaints and negative reviews. By involving customers in the production process, brands greatly improve the BX. For many people, having the liberty to test out their creative abilities can be a rewarding experience. Try this out for your company now!  

Immersive Tech

2023 is the year for immersive technology marketing techniques. Metaverse has changed the marketing game altogether. AR/VR tech has enabled customers to experience shopping from the comfort of their homes. They can browse through aisles of items to buy their products. This adds to the brand experience in the sense that it prompts customers to try out the latest tech. 360-degree videos are another great marketing tactic. Brands can make use of this in a bunch of creative ways. It is a great way of engaging customers. In the upcoming year, more and more people will look for better options in terms of brand experience. This type of tech can surely improve the user experience. Marketers should opt for this now!


Contests are an old-time favorite. It is a great opportunity for brands to not only improve BX but also expand their clientele. It is common to find brands initiating contests on social media platforms. Most contests require participants to tag their friends and family under a brand’s post or to help the brand gain more followers. This clever technique is great for boosting user engagement. It is a fun and creative way to keep customers involved. The prospect of winning reels in hundreds and thousands of participants. Many social media users actively participate in these contests because of the chance of winning amazing products/vouchers. Contests can take place outside of digital media as well. But this is the popular route.


Events add to the BX in a significant manner. Customers are always on the lookout for the latest events in their area. If you are a local brand, then you should take up this opportunity. By hosting events to celebrate milestones and to thank clients for their support, the BX can be improved significantly. It allows clients to meet the brand CEO. A social event is great for boosting the BX. Events like these represent a token of appreciation for customers. Other than this, conferences also add to the BX. Information on the latest products can be pivotal in retaining customers. It is also a great way of enabling interaction between brand owners and clients. Conferences are a great approach to improving BX. 

Brand Experience on Social Media  

Social Media platforms offer brands unlimited options to improve their BX. Instagram reels, videos with shopping links and sign-up rewards are just a few examples of this. These are displayed on the social media accounts of the relevant brand. Interaction with clients is vital for a positive BX. By simply uploading a ‘This-or-that’ poll on Instagram can catch the attention of customers. 

To improve BX, you need your customers to be responsive to your strategies. What better way to achieve this by asking them for their opinion? This makes them feel valued. Social Media is a powerful force and one that is here to stay. If any business plans on making it big in the upcoming year, social media should be your go-to. Try out your luck with this now! Whether it’s Tiktok, Twitter or Instagram, you can use any of these free platforms and watch your brand grow!

Social Media Brand Experience (Source: Milia Marketing)

How Does It Help a Business Grow?

Positive brand experience can help businesses reach new levels of success. To start with, it ensures loyalty. Customers are more likely to keep buying from brands that offer great BX. Your BX efforts can be reflected in customer support, product packaging, marketing tactics and so on. BX strategies should be devised according to customer preferences. The best chance a business has for long-term survival is by catering to the needs of customers.

As e-commerce businesses continue to grow, it is important that marketers understand the importance of BX. It can take time for businesses to establish BX strategies, but it is an area of marketing that is worth the time and energy. Well-reputed companies all over the world prioritize this vital aspect. Furthermore, for small businesses, BX strategies are a cost-effective way of improving their standing in the business world. It is highly rewarding in the long run.

Why Invest in Brand Experience (BX)? 

This is a sure-shot way of skyrocketing your business career. BX is vital for small and big businesses both. An investment into the BX shows commitment on a marketer’s part. A client’s experience determines the course of their future interaction with the brand. E-commerce businesses often overlook this important aspect. In order to have an edge in the business world, you need to consistently improve your BX. Customer reviews are a great indication of how well a company is doing in terms of the experience they are offering. Advancements in tech like Metaverse signal a future where AR/VR tech is a marketing norm. You will never falter with an investment like this one. 

If you’re still hesitant to try out this strategy, then take a look at all the successful brands cashing in on this. Clients value brand experience. It is a win-win situation. A positive BX pushes people to share their experiences with friends and family. As a result, it promotes word-of-mouth marketing. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below!

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