Pinterest Boards: Creative Ideas for Content Marketers

Tell a visual story about your brand!

Who would have imagined that Pinterest would be right behind Facebook and Twitter when it comes to popular social media networks? That is correct; what baffles people’s minds is how easy and fun it is to drive more traffic through Pinterest boards. For this reason, we are bringing you the best ideas pertaining to Pinterest boards and how content marketers use them. Let’s look at them one by one and understand the art of it. 

Best Content Ideas For Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a great platform for marketing your business, mainly because it is based on visuals. Graphics and visuals are excellent ways to reach out to your audience.

Here are some of the best content ideas for your Pinterest boards:

Sharing Videos

Most people would scratch their heads about this idea, as they feel Pinterest is all about pictures. Well, it’s not anymore. Like Reels and short video content on other sites, Pinterest has opened its arms to sharing videos too. The audience is hungry for videos that are catchy, fun, and informative. 

You could share your business vision, the making of your products, or simply what goes on behind the scenes. Get your people talking in front of the camera and share with your Pinterest followers. Let them see what goes on behind the camera, and it will lead you to their heart. 

Videos on your Pinterest board will engage your followers, and you can drive traffic to your website. What’s better than having fun with your team and also making some profit out of that fun? It’s a win-win for you and your business. 

Highlight Some Books

A content marketer’s job is to take people with them on a journey that is both unique and fun. Let us be honest, people are on your Pinterest because they want to learn something. Human beings are naturally curious, and they have a huge appetite for things that interest them. Why don’t you hit on that and share some valuable books with them? This will entice them to your board, and they will share these with their friends as well. 

A content marketer has to be wise enough to know what the audience wants. This could be a great idea to let your followers know that you mean business. Let us imagine another scenario where you are the one who has authored a book and nobody could give a piece of their mind to it. This is your chance to share your words with people without appearing prudent. 

Win Them With Quotes

People have an intimate relationship with quotes. They want to hear something that soothes their soul and slakes their thirst for knowledge about love, life, or simply business. Hit on that thirst and try to quench it with quotes that have the sound of a symphony and a wind of hope. 

This will make your followers fall helplessly in love with your Pinterest board, and you will see how that will let you have many new followers too. It is an undeniable fact that a hook is necessary if you want people to enjoy and continue reading what you have to offer as a business or content marketer. 

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and share something that has nothing to do with your expertise but has something to do with how life unfolds itself. An emotional bond with people will bring you love and new followers as well. So, be out there and devour the stage of your content marketing Pinterest board. 

Drop Advice and Guides

Are you a content marketer who has a lot to share with people? What are you waiting for? Use that Pinterest board for inspiration and provide your followers with advice. Someone’s stuck with upgrading their SEO skills? You go on Pinterest and share your valuable advice. Share a video with them where you give them a tutorial on how to do that.

People struggle with different things, and they want a comprehensive guide to those issues. You have all the grounds to do that, and you must. This will help you build a relationship with your followers, and they will come to your Pinterest board for more information. 

Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone with something they are struggling with; it gives you emotional contentment and a professional edge as well, showing that you care about what people are having issues with. So, take on that mentor role and see how it will help you find a place in people’s hearts. 

Pinterest Travel Board (Source: Screenshot From Kristen Alana’s Pinterest Account)

Share Valuable Resources

Have you ever been on your bed, browsing aimlessly, and ended up finding something useful related to your niche? It happens all the time, but as a content creator and marketer, it’s your job to create that useful content for others. You should share your resources with your followers on your Pinterest board. 

Let’s say you found a new way to implement your social media strategy. What should your obligation be, then? You simply share it and ask your followers to engage with the resource. It could be anything, from an article to a video, or anything that has some valuable information. You could give a self explanatory caption to that resource and let it do the rest of the job. 

Highlight Peers

It’s 2023, and you know how we have all understood that the idea of competition is a farce. Humans are meant to coexist and create their own magic in their own ways. Are you a content marketer who thinks this culture of competition is a waste of time and brings nothing? If so, use a Pinterest board to clear the negative air of competition and share the work of your peers. 

These could be people in your niche who have produced excellent work over the years. You can highlight those peers and form a connection with them. They will be happy with this gesture of yours and will do the same for you. 

It will also help you get to know their followers, which means more followers for your board. Creating a positive image in your work is an important thing to achieve if you want to stay in the game for a long time. This is a good chance for you to form connections and later turn them into associates. 

Share Upcoming Events

As a content marketer and creator, you must be someone who gets invited to talks and events. How about you share the news with your followers on Pinterest and let them see how you have contributed to the world of content creation? 

Make an appealing banner for your talk or event along with the topic. Let them know about these events through high-quality videos and images. This will also let them know what things are being discussed and what is trending in the world. It’s more like keeping them in the loop and making them feel special. This creates an attractive profile and lets people know that you are up to something. 

Feature Clients

This is another appealing way to strengthen your bond with the audience. You need to feature your regular clients, who have been supporting you throughout. Talk about their journey with you and how it has evolved over the years.

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated, even if it is your loyal customers? They need that push, and they need to be recognized for what they do. You could create videos or simply some bright images to showcase how you value each and every customer you have. 

It is true that when your clients are appreciated and seen, they hold your work dearer than before and keep on extending their support to you. Also, be it a business owner or a content marketer, there needs to be some humility to keep the work of art going. You cannot remove your clients from the scene as soon as you shoot for success because they made you what you are today. So, never miss out on any opportunity to make them feel loved and valued. 

Tips and Tricks

Now that we are done talking about some unique ideas, let us go deeper into how you can upgrade your Pinterest board game by looking at the important strategies. 

Cover Photo

Having a great cover photo on your board is very important. Once you have an aim, it doesn’t end there. You need to do what others don’t. Most people do not care what the cover photo is on their Pinterest board. But you need to be smart enough to take care of that as well. Be it a quote or a picture that encapsulates the essence of your blog, it has to be something well thought out.  

Secret Board

Have you ever heard of a secret board? Not really, because people do not understand its true value. This is the board where you will pre-plan things to get ahead of others. This board will have all the content that you have curated for the future, but you still want to work on it. You can always go back to it and pin it publicly when you are ready. It gives you a competitive edge because you are brainstorming ideas rather than putting everything out there aimlessly. 

Active Engagement

A professional content marketer is always aware of the fact that he/she has to actively engage with the audience to stay relevant. You cannot be silent for days and months and expect people to remember you. 

Be it something as casual as a life lesson quote or something as important as the video content that you have created after breaking your back for days. It doesn’t matter; you have to keep engaging with your audience. 

They need to see you on their feeds often to be able to form a relationship with you. So, this is one thing that people usually overlook, and they think their absence will make the heart grow fonder, but it doesn’t happen at all. 

Increase Engagement on Your Pinterest Board by Posting Tips and Tricks (Source: Ampfluence)

Use Keywords

No, you can’t dodge the reality of keywords in any format now. Pinterest needs keywords as much as any other platform. Most people keep their content flat; the images do not have keywords as captions, and those visuals do not reach the right audience due to a lack of SEO. This is one of the biggest mistakes marketers make on Pinterest.

We mentioned that Pinterest is now just behind Facebook and Twitter. What does this imply? It implies that you have to give it equal importance now to be at the top. Keywords and hashtags play a significant role on Pinterest boards too, and you need to be careful about them if you wish to attain visibility. 

Pinterest Boards: The Third Reality 

It should be enough to make you understand how Pinterest is the third reality after Facebook and Twitter. All those who wish to stay on top of the game have to pay keen attention to Pinterest as well. This goes without saying that you need to learn all the tricks and valuable rules if you wish to compete with others. People used to deny Facebook’s power too; the same happens with Pinterest, but the time is near when people will see how it can change the world. 

Featured Image: Social Champ

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