Most Popular Android Hacks

We bring you the best Android hacks to impress your friends and family. Read down below for mind blowing cheat codes on your phone

With the introduction of Android phones, people have found themselves on the cusp of technological convenience. Now, our Android phones have the features to complete tasks that can come in handy during a critical situation. Or, help boost the phone’s performance. In this article, we will go through some useful Android hacks which make everyday life easier. We will also explore the many possibilities Android phones have to offer. These phones account for over 80% of smartphone sales. So, it is safe to say that everyone should know the potential of their device. 

Best Android Hacks 

Most common: Charge your phone faster by turning on Airplane mode

The most common Android hack is probably unknown to some Android users. But, it is extremely easy to implement and can help your phone charge faster. C-type charging supports have been introduced but they are exclusive to pricier Android phones. If you are one of those who cannot avail the C-type phones then your best option is to turn on your phone’s Airplane mode when putting it on charge. This saves energy and keeps your phone in optimum condition. One other benefit is that Airplane mode helps with keeping users off their phones while charging. Constant phone use during charge damages your phone batteries and increases charging time for your Android Phone. Here is how to turn on the Airplane mode for your Android device: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Internet and Network 
  • You will have the option to turn Airplane mode on and off.
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Most Creative: Floating shutter button for selfies and pictures

Clicking selfies and pictures with your phone can be important to you. We live in a world with social media influencing everyone’s perception of perfection. Your Android phone has the coolest hack for making your photos look effortlessly natural. By simply having the shutter float wherever you want, pictures can be clicked from any angle. This used to seem impossible before but not anymore. Here is how you can use this Android hack:

  • Click on the default camera of your phone
  • Click the Settings icon on the top
  • Select “Shooting Methods”
  • Amongst many options, turn on the “Floating Shutter Button”
  • Now you have a floating Shutter Button on your screen

The Unknown Hack: Adaptive Rotation Lock App

If you have an Android phone with the charging port and headphone jack on the same plane, you might be very frustrated with how it limits your experience. Your earphones can constantly come in your way while laying down or if you are charging your phone and want to shift it to landscape mode it will become troublesome. This is where the Adaptive Rotation lock App comes in handy as it allows you to change how content is displayed to you on your Android phone. It includes options like Reverse Portrait, Reverse Landscape and Force Landscape while also enabling Auto Options from your notification bar. This Android hack can make it easier for you to use your phone even if you are holding it upside down. The application is ad-free which also makes it stand out from other freebies. 

The Android Special Hack: Installing Apps from Web

If you ever feel like your friends are belittling you for being an Android user, just remind them of the accessibility Android provides whereas Apple users have no third party integrations for their devices. You can simply download apps on your phone without even having to physically hold it. Just log into the same Google account from both your Android Phone and laptop, now open PlayStore on the latter. It is an exclusive Android hack and no other platform offers such accessibility to its users. You can download as many apps as you want from your desktop into your phone as long as the same Google Account is logged in for both devices. 

Android Hacks; Lifesavers or Time waste?

Android phones have been built on the reputation of choosing convenience over absolute quality. These hacks make life considerably easy for the users and allows in depth understanding of how technology is working to take accessibility to another level. We hope that the above mentioned Android hacks can make your life easier, give them a try and experience real user based benefits. Let us know what you think in the feedback and how these amazingly easy hacks worked for you!

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