Twitter Like Never Before

The new Twitter upgrades will completely transform the user-experience!

Just when you thought Elon Musk was done bringing updates to Twitter, the CEO comes with another shocker. Yes, new Twitter upgrades. Towards the end of 2022, Twitter has, once again, gone through some massive changes. Users are still skeptical because these changes could alter their experience altogether. Let’s face it; Twitter has withstood the test of time for decades now. Surrounded by controversies and politics at all points, the platform still has its users hooked. Frankly, Musk knows that too. This is why he doesn’t shy away from tweaking things from time to time. 

The new updates will significantly impact the user experience and will transform the entire space. For good? Only time will tell. Users are only hoping Musk decides what he wants for once. With constant updates to their favorite online platforms, it can become difficult to get the hang of it every month. It might also create a sense of feeling alien towards a space that people own wholeheartedly. As per Musk’s opinion, these updates will transform Twitter’s structure only to make the experience better on all fronts. 

Let’s see what each update entails. 

The New Edit Tweet Feature

Yes, you read it right. Now you can edit your tweets! For years, there have been instances where users have caught themselves in an inescapable controversy due to a poorly worded tweet. This update was subject to internal testing until September 2022. But Twitter Blue users will be lucky enough to get their hands on it. 

We’ve all seen celebrities and politicians make statements that should’ve been thought about twice. If they subscribe to Twitter Blue, they can easily take their words back and edit their tweets so offending the community can be avoided. Just a reminder, there are ground rules. Users have a 30-minute time frame to edit their tweets. But they can make edits up to 5 times till they’re sure about what they want to say. 

Source: 9to5 Mac

Users Can Co-Tweet Now

Twitter was seldom a collaborative space. Users resorted to threads or simply replying to each other. But now, Musk gives them a chance to cotweet. The summer of 2022 seems to be the time when Musk forgot to take a break because every update came into existence during this time. 

With the Cotweet feature, users can request any account to co-write a tweet with them. Of course, the user can accept or decline the offer. However, this is amazing news for brands and celebrities since Twitter has always been a solid space to make some noise. Influencers and content creators can join forces to make their dream collaboration a reality. After this feature is properly tested, users will have a brand new experience on Twitter. 

More Content Via Notes

Remember you always had to stick to a word count when tweeting? Seems like you’ll also be bidding farewell to that now. Twitter is also launching “Notes” for users that wish to write longer tweets. It can be a varying experience for users since now they’ve gotten used to the word count. 

But we all know that sometimes it’s better to pour your heart out so that everything gets communicated in the right way. Well, that can happen now. It’s a shocker, but this feature will be legit. With a headline that can go up to 100 words and the content being 2500, Twitter might be filled with articles rather than tweets. The best part is notes can be treated like a proper document. Users can make edits if they’ve forgotten to proofread it. 

Twitter Create For Making Money

Another excellent news for Twitter users. But especially for content creators. Twitter will unlock ways for creators to make money off what they tweet. Instagram and Tiktok have a new competitor, a mini-site called Twitter Create. 

The aim of this update is to create channels so that social media pros can monetize their accounts. It’ll work like any other engagement platform. With focus to traffic, interaction and top trends, this space is especially dedicated to influencers. 

Any More Surprises? 

Well, it seems like Musk knows what he’s doing. All the features discussed above are in their testing phase. Also, they’ll be exclusive. This is a smart tactic to pique user interest and curiosity. Moreover, it’s also an excellent move to encourage people to make the switch to Twitter Blue. Yes, it has a monthly pay plan. But when you get such great features, who’s going to decline this experience? As far as surprises are concerned, Twitter users know that Musk is always on to something new. So, let’s sit tight and witness how Twitter goes through more changes.

Source: Firstpost

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