Twitter Rolls Out Its Live Shopping Feature

Twitter recently announced its live shopping feature, which is set to revolutionize the way we shop online.

Twitter has become the first social networking forum to launch a live shopping feature, built into its application.

The social media giant announced its plans earlier this year through a beta version of its in-app shopping module. Now it has rolled out its live shopping feature that will offer a seamless shopping experience to its users. 

The feature will enable users to select a product from the shop tab and check it out while watching the retailer’s live broadcast. Users will enter the shop module for businesses. They can also join in on the conversation from the Live Events page by simply tweeting. It will also allow users to browse products from the “Shop” and “Latest” tabs.

This feature will allow users to stay connected to the stream, regardless of their shopping status. 

Twitter just gave seamless shopping a new meaning.

Image: Mashable

Walmart Hosting the First Live Shopping Event

Walmart will be the first retailer to try out the live shopping feature, focusing its stream around its cyber deals and discounts. 

The retail giant has been investing massively in online shopping, hosting 15 live stream events across five platforms in the past year, only. Making Walmart an ideal candidate for the pilot event. 

The stream will kick off at 7pm ET on Nov. 28. It stars Jason Derulo, who’ll host a 30-minute show, guiding viewers and displaying products that consumers can buy right then and there. The products will include electronics, home goods, apparel, seasonal dĂ©cor, and much more. 

Twitter said that this would be the first-ever e-commerce stream on its platform. It plans to bring more exciting experiences to its users soon. 

The event will serve as a tester to see if the feature will be a hit or a miss for the online community. Twitter has been experimenting with different features for a while, seeing what sticks. It recently killed off its fleets due to dipped popularity and lack of subscriptions. This shows that Twitter aims to try out new things. It will continue to try out new features because of the versatile nature of the platform.

What Walmart Thinks

It is still uncertain if the live shopping feature will resonate with the audience and deliver the retailer’s expectations. Retailers are optimistic about the event:

“Twitter continues to be an important platform for Walmart’s business and our customers. We’ve been focused on charting new territory in shoppable live streams and are excited to celebrate an important milestone together with the first Livestream Shopping event on Twitter. We’re meeting customers where they are and making it easier to shop incredible deals and find inspiration through dynamic, interactive experiences. We look forward to continuing to bring engaging experiences to our customers that allow them to shop seamlessly while also being entertained.”

-William White

Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart

Twitter has always been the go-to place for users to check trends, news, pop culture, and politics. But its excess of user engagement makes it a murky territory for businesses. 

The live shopping feature will reshape the forum in a way that aids local and major companies. It won’t come as a surprise if more brands test Twitter’s live stream feature to see their brand’s adaptability and functionality on the most influential user platform.

What’s Next?

Twitter has announced that it will be including more U.S merchants into its Shop Module feature in the Twitter app. Nike, Walmart, Disney, Patagonia, GameStop, Google, podcast Latinx in Power and retailer Arden Cove were among the piloting brands.

Twitter will announce new additions in the following days. 

Another popular addition will be the Twitter Shopping Manager, a set of tools that will help businesses adjust how they appear on Twitter. 

Twitter continues to add value to the shopping experience of companies and its users. To satisfy its users, it will keep rolling out new features. These features will further add value to its shopping experience. However, there is still a lot to explore, test, and iterate. 

Let us know in the comment section what you think about this live shopping feature introduced by Twitter.

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