CRM Automation: The Future

The ultimate guide to implementing a CRM program into your workplace!

Investing in a CRM software is a clear indication of progress. It indicates that a company is prioritizing scaling and growth for employees and itself. Immediate benefits are for businesses of all sizes, as accessing spreadsheets and manual record keeping gets old quickly. Using a CRM makes life much easier and helps businesses grow. Research shows sales reps that work at companies using mobile CRM software reached almost two thirds of their sales quotas, compared to the companies that don’t use mobile CRM software.

Why Choose A CRM Automation Software?

Many people are wooed by marketing automation software as they are designed to help marketers efficiently deliver content. On the other hand, a CRM software is designed to help sales and customer service professionals track and manage their engagement efforts with customers. For those looking to save time, interact with more leads, and land the sale faster, here are four ways you can use CRM to automate your efforts.

Benefits of CRM Automation

  • Data entry automation: A growing percentage of Salespeople spend their day working on data entry tasks. Implementing data automation through your CRM system saves a big chunk of time. It addresses a major pain point for those in sales.
  • Setting up personalized emails: Making use of CRM data to create email sequences for engaging with leads is a simple way to add personalization. It eliminates the need to manually re-creating content.
  • Logging in customer interactions automatically: An efficient CRM tool should be able to automatically log phone calls and email interactions with your leads each time of engagement. By keeping contact records up to date through automation, companies can always have the most up-to-date information on where a lead stands during the sales process.
  • Customer service automation: If a company uses chatbot software to engage with leads and customers for service-related issues, this should be automatically integrated in your CRM for greater visibility into service-related inquiries.

How CRM and Marketing Automation Work Together?

Yes, they are two different systems used for separate purposes. But, CRM and marketing automation software are often used in tandem to maximize their benefits and combine their strengths.

In an ideal world, the marketing automation feeds your CRM with detailed information. This information provides all organizational units actionable insight into current customers, what they want, and how to serve them.

To understand how CRM and marketing automation work together, we must first understand their differences. CRM is often used as a sales tool, whereas marketing automation is a lead generation and nurturing tool. As such, using them together creates a perfect scenario for accessing and gaining leads. 

How to Integrate CRM and Marketing Automation Software?

In order to attain the best results from the integration of a CRM and marketing automation software, ensure that the two platforms are aligned properly and work together seamlessly to accomplish company goals. 

Personalize Marketing and Sales Messaging

Using a CRM and marketing automation software together helps you target your audience and ensure the conversion of your leads. For example, your CRM will transfer demographic information to your marketing automation tool. This can help eliminate a lot of tedious tasks for your employees. Your marketing team can then use this information to target campaigns and paid advertisements.

Establish Lead Scoring

It’s a well known fact that the quicker a lead receives a response, the more likely they turn into a customer. Lead scoring via CRM and marketing automation helps make the process faster. It uses the platforms to identify the users who are most important to your company and can most likely convert. Then it sends targeted marketing materials to these leads.

Examples of CRMs With Marketing Automation

Sophisticated marketing made simple: intuitive, flexible, intelligent

Popular brand Mack Trucks was looking for a way to up their digital game last year. They had been using old-school methods of promoting their products which included brochures, print ads, and industry trade shows. Since they wanted to be able to deliver personalized messages and measure accurate results they chose Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. This seemed the most efficient and viable integration solution.

This initial venture into this digital marketing project was the Anthem campaign to launch the Mack Anthem highway truck, the company’s new major product in about a decade and a half. The campaign launched a range of creative content assets, including gated YouTube videos and virtual reality tours accessed through potential customers. The goal was to engage some of its prospects and customers in the database. Hence, eventually moving them through the sales funnel to ask to talk with a Mack dealer.

Nearly 10,000 people opted into the Mack Anthem campaign, generating about 1,700 qualified leads and millions of dollars in gross sales.

Is CRM The Answer To Marketing Limitations?

In today’s new digital buyer’s journey, marketing automation becomes integral, especially when integrated with the CRM. It can play a massive role in revenue generation. With a fully integrated solution, companies can now generate aligned marketing and sales activities. The goal should be to simplify your tech stack while providing sophisticated cross-channel experiences, improving lead quality, and shortening the sales cycle. This is done by delivering conversation-ready opportunities to sales.

We hope that all your queries were answered and explained in this all to know guide. Reach out and comment for extensive feedback!

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