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Take the quality of your customer services with these tools!

Customer service tools are essential components of every business tech stack. It helps in increasing demands in customer service and support. The tools help to customize client experiences and raise overall customer satisfaction rates. This customer service software helps to increase productivity and efficiency.Ā 

What Are Customer Service Tools?

Customer service tools  are used by a company to aid customers who purchase its products. These tools offer a centralized system and can also be referred to as ticketing systems. It supports agents to manage, track and respond to customer  requests in bulk.  

This includes tools like knowledge bases, messaging apps, automation programmes and analytics dashboards. Customer service tools provide agents with access to contextual data. The data is given through the customer’s past purchases. This provides context of a customer’s identity, point of origin. It also provides a reason for contacting a support team regardless of channel.

Customer Service Tools: Importance

Service agents give better service when they are equipped with the resources.  It is important to respond to consumers individually. Your clients are more likely to become loyal customers if you provide better service.

Customer service tools help your company automate the customer service process. It saves  agents’ time and gives customers the right information while eliminating waiting times. You can monitor consumer usage to enable future self-service enhancements.

Agents may access the customer information they requireĀ  by using these tools. This helps them to provide efficient services. These systems also promote increased productivity through simpler workflows. Moreover, improved internal communication thanks to shared inboxes.

External and Internal Customer Service Tools (Source: Groove HQ)

Types of Customer Service Tools

Following are the different types of customer service tools that can assist companies to achieve better customer service:

Online Communities

Customers can interact with one another. They provide candid product reviews and express their enthusiasm for your brand. The business has the chance to monitor client input. This helps them  to enhance the brand experience by maintaining online communities. Social media platforms provide access to online communities and marketing tools. They are available to assist you in creating your own online community.

Discussion Forums

Online community that offers the chance for crowdsourcing is a  discussion forum. You can gather and address client feedback here. Popular forums will gain popularity and develop into a location.On this location product experts can collaborate with your customers. Service representatives  build a community that can comment on products. Representatives can assist in resolving issues in a much more timely manner. There is an advantage of viewing a lot of consumer feedback. It helps to observe how customers respond to the community-provided remedies.

Automatic Callback

Everyone has encountered the situation of being kept on wait for a long time. You have already grown impatient with the wait by the time an operator is available to help you. Customer support system enables users to enter their phone numbers so that an agent can contact them back. This helps them in not losing their place in the service queue. They can manage call queues by using automatic callback features. Automatic callback is a feature that business telephone systems provide in their services.

Live Chat

People are looking for online help as more people shop online. To ensure your consumers have a positive online experience is to provide a live chat option. It is similar to  the one found in the Salesforce Service Cloud. Live chat options can be utilized for customer support inquiries. They are also effective in sharing information which can influence a consumer’s  purchase . For instance, department stores occasionally offer a live chat for assistance.

SMS Text Support

People use SMS on a regular basis. Choose to introduce a new communication method by providing SMS text assistance . It is a great option to your customer support mix. SMS texts can reach the customer quickly via their phones. Before utilizing this feature, though, make sure the buyer has given their consent.

Self-Service Sites

Allowing your consumers complete control over their customer care experience is a choice. Retailers have branded assistance websites that assist customers in troubleshooting their own issues. Customers can log in from their desktop or mobile devices to check the status of their cases. They can also find solutions by themselves. This saves a lot of time and  consumers can find their answers on their own.

Customer Portal

A customer portal is a specific internal system that lives on a website. It gives customers access to personal information. Through their customer portal customers can examine their purchase history. They can also follow orders, store favorite items, or receive tailored support. Customers can customize their buying experiences through portals. It helps promote engagement with your company and business. By maintaining personal information customers are making a vital investment in your business.

Best Customer Service Tools of 2023

Below is an overview of best customer service tools:


To coordinate with teams and technology around customer enterprises requires the ideal mix. This mix consists of simplicity and sophistication. Zendesk gives  the capabilities that are  necessary to provide a personalized customer experience. It completes the need of serving a diversified client base. 

Managing several agents with  diverse skill sets is another challenge. With tools Zendesk provides advanced workflow capabilities. Zendesk gives you the freedom to customize your customer support solution. This ensures to give tools to the appropriate agents. Those agents have access to the information they need to resolve any issue.

HubSpot Service Hub

One of the best customer service solutions available today is HubSpot Service. Hub boosts customer service teams productivity while assisting companies. They help in developing closer ties with clients. Resolution is given by  features like shared inbox, conversational tools and a customer portal. The programme interfaces with other HubSpot goods like the Marketing Hub.

Customer portals and live chat are a few of the tools that Service Hub offers to assist. It helps businesses in better customer service levels. Customer care clients can collaborate to solve problems by ensuring the ticketĀ  interactions. This can be done through a protected customer portal.

An Overview of HubSpot Customer Service Window (Source: HubSpot Blog)

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Management provides IT teams with a cutting-edge service desk. It comes equipped with all of the tools they require, including ITIL-certified procedures. Jira is an ultimate solution to silos between IT, operations, and development teams.


LiveAgent is a solution to take if your customer care team uses live chat to assist consumers.. The Features includes real-time typing view, website monitoring for chat engagement. Live agent provides proactive chat invitations. Active agent availability enhances the delivery of live chat services.

For support teams, LiveAgent is a particularly reliable option. Additionally, your team can easily integrate it into their current workflows. Thanks to its extensive library of native integrations. It features native integrations for a lot of the most widely used apps by support teams.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud enables companies to deliver unified customer service across all channels. The platform’s messaging capabilities and chatbots make it simple for businesses to communicate. To speed the resolution of problems users can also create communities. Customers can create self-service assistance centers.

The Platform  consumers use the most enables businesses to offer customer service. By Einstein Bots, users may automate common requests on SMS and on Facebook Messenger. Through chatbots, customer support representatives can also engage customers more. Customer behaviors on your website are among the triggers for these chatbots. They allow you to contextualize consumer interactions.

Team Support

A complete customer service package designed for businesses is called TeamSupport. TeamSupport helps agents deal with low-volume, high-complexity situations. It also guarantees that they can communicate with stakeholders. Customer support teams can collaborate with other divisions like sales and marketing. This can ensure efficient workflows throughout the company.

A key aspect of TeamSupport is that it provides a variety of tools for managing customers. Users can compile all client interactions in one system using the platform. This functionality helps agents to discover and fix serious problems. It gets them deeper insights into consumer sentiment. The platform also tracks customer ticket history. It makes it simple for organizations to know who have sent them the most inquiries.


Samanage is a well-liked service tool. This platform includes business-ready capabilities including knowledge bases, self-service portals, and SLA management. Businesses can set up service catalogs using this software. This helps to organize workflows for processing service requests and fulfilling orders.

One of the numerous functions of the platform is incident management. The platform streamlines ticketing processes. It guarantees effective ticket handling through a variety of channels. The channel includes email, phone calls, chat, and mobile apps. Samanage is adaptable enough to let users submit tickets from any location. Either people are at the office or on the go.


Vcita is a tool for customer care and business administration. It was created exclusively for service providers. The providers  include SMBs and experts like accountants, consultants, and photographers. These professionals can manage their clients and calendars through Vcita. They can also make online appointments, and handle billing and invoicing using Vcita.

One of the platform’s key components is an online client portal. Clients can check scheduled appointments, pay invoices, and share files online. Through this web platform, clients may also reach professionals directly. They can ensure more effective communication. This can also help to change clients portal’s logo and colors to fit company branding. This customer service tool for increased productivity.


Squaretalk offers an ecosystem of communications products. It helps businesses improve their relationships with customers. The platform gives all the tools a company needs to automate customer support. It creates unique workflows, and it includes four primary modules. The models are: Axiom, Matrix, Express, and Lynx.

For instance, the versatile software Axiom is made for providingĀ  customized customer care. This helps to route calls to the appropriate agents depending on variables like language, skill, and location. Along with that the program includes an IVR system and automatic call distribution functions. Routing rules may also be based on information about an individual customer.Ā All of these guidelines guarantee that customer complaints are dealt with effectively.


Enterprise-grade live chat software like Velaro aids companies in enhancing client engagement. Businesses can  incorporate live chat into their customer service operations with the software. Customers now have a direct line of communication with support staff. The platform is made to be versatile. The customers can choose to employ all of the software’s cutting-edge features. 

Users may start discussions with customer service representatives using Velaro. The click-to-chat feature’s convenience significantly boosts customer happiness and increases conversion chances. To ensure consistency in  these click-to-chat windows and calls actions are fully configurable.

Genesys Cloud

A cloud-hosted contact center application called Genesys Cloud. It offers customers and agents a unified experience via a variety of channels. The channels include chat, email, phone, text, and social media. The platform offers a wide range of functions, including voice services. The system also has built-in interfaces with the CRM platform and other third-party tools.  

Users of the platform can set up a variety of self-service options for their clients. It provides natural language processing technology and multilingual capabilities fuel the IVR system. Customers can interact with the system in a way that feels most natural to them by doing it this way.

Wix Answers

Wix Answers combines numerous customer assistance channels onto a single platform. For support teams who are dealing with people on various channels it is a fantastic option. It has a user-friendly interface and wide range of capabilities. Productivity will increase by platform’s ability to manage requests from a single workspace.

The platform’s ability to enable access to a one-tab workspace is a key feature. Resources agents need to address customers inquiries are available in this workspace. Agents are able to manage all support inquiries from this workspace. This guarantees that each ticket receives the necessary attention.


A cloud-hosted contact center program called CloudTalk. It was created to assist companies in providing better customer support. Additionally, the network provides over 160 national phone lines. It allows small and medium businesses to expand beyond their immediate geographic area. 

The software connects with a wide range of third-party programs, like as CRM systems. It also helps in desk solutions. These integrations guarantee that agents have easy access to client data. 

CloudTalk has a number of cutting-edge call center capabilities. This is one of the greatest customer support solutions available. Users can specify rules for receiving calls through the software. Calls are routed to the appropriate group thanks in part to these regulations.

Invest in Customer Service Tools Now!

Any company’sĀ  technology would benefit from adding customer support tools. However, it can be difficult to identify the best software for your needs. There is no shortage of customer service systems designed to assist businesses. They help in providing consumers with the greatest experience possible. Similar features are offered by the majority of the tools on this list. The features includeĀ  such as ticket management, self-service portals, streamlined communication and collaboration. Hence, evaluate all the features and choose a customer service tool that best suits the needs of your business.Ā 

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