AI-Generated Content: The Goods And The Bads

Undoubtedly, AI-generated content has found its way into every leading business today. There is a mighty roar of AI content, and nothing seems to stop or replace it. The mundane tasks are taken care of by using AI content generators. Even the most complex industries, like medicine and construction, are diving into this. However, it is pertinent to read about its significance step by step. Let us dwell deeper into its meaning, tools, and pros and cons. 

What is AI Generated Content?

As its name suggests, AI-generated content is created by AI-powered tools. AI-generated content is based on natural language generation (NLG) technology. It can scan the internet for data and summarize it as a human writer would. Take an example of a blog or an article. All a person needs to do is type the keywords, phrases or sentences, and the AI-powered tools will write the whole article. This is the latest way how companies can speed up their work and also add more information through AI. Marketers can use AI-generated content to automate their content in the most efficient ways and save a lot of their time. 

Tools For AI-Generated Content

Several tools help to generate content. Following are some of the mainstream tools that are used to produce AI generated content. 

This is the first tool you need to know about. is a magnificent tool that requires little to no effort from a person. It helps to generate ideas, copy and outlines. It has a first-draft wizard template and asks for the tone of voice, the article’s goal and keywords. Once you input these requirements, your job is done, and the rest is for the tool to do. Moreover, the tool has over 25 languages, sufficient for any company looking to cater to various countries. 


This is one giant tool for increasing sales and lead generation. Whitesonic is the one AI tool that will change the game for you and provide you with content that resonates with your target audience. Moreover, you can also use this tool to generate product descriptions, social media captions and landing pages. 


Kafkai is another tool for AI-generated content that you must use. It helps to create content that improves SEO and increases the chances of sales. Unlike other AI tools, kafkai has the remarkable feature of having 37 niches, such as real estate, health, and finance. It also creates multiple articles simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. 

Pros and Cons of AI-Generated Content

As a layman, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of AI-generated content. So, before you get ready for the content, read the pros and cons below. 


Cost Effective

We know how quality writers will charge a whopping amount for writing content for any business. Content writers know their worth, and they are well aware of their worth. This is what you can avoid with the help of AI-powered tools. You will have to pay no writer, and your job will be done even better than those fancy writers. It must not be a shock for you that some of the AI writing tools are free. 

Improves SEO

 As you know that no content reaches the right audience if there is no improvisation in search engine optimization. This is where AI-generated content will save your boat. AI content generators will use thousands of websites to suggest and incorporate the best keywords. SEO is the ultimate decider of how well a piece of writing is, and using AI for that will just do the work. 


You no longer need to worry about the clock’s ticking and panic over a limited time. AI-generated content is created faster as compared to content written by people. These are the fast times when companies cannot afford to waste time. Using AI-generated content will save time and help the company appear much more efficiently.  


Possible Plagiarism and Tone issues

 As AI-generated content is the amalgamation of other pieces of writing on the internet, the possibility of plagiarism is a real deal. Every content needs to have an authentic tone, which is unlikely in AI-generated content. AI sews content from various sites without maintaining a proper flow, which is not favorable for great content. Moreover, it also goes against the guidelines of Google. So, a lack of human review can harm the content’s originality. 

Lack of New Ideas

Artificial intelligence cannot match the innovative tendencies of a human brain. The AI-generated content can be quick and lengthy but cannot bring out something new for the readers. There is no place for the birth of exclusive and unique content because AI-generated content is taken from other sources on the internet. 

Human Editing Is Still Needed

As the AI-generated content struggles with adjective meanings, some errors are thus inevitable. For example, there can be mix-ups in product descriptions and colors. For this problem, a human review is a necessity. This is one con that might hurt some people. 

AI-Generated Content: The New Wave

The main message for AI-generated content marketing in 2022 is that technology should be embraced, but only as a tool. It should not be embraced as a replacement for human writers. AI solutions have the potential to assist brands in generating ideas on a large scale and a better understanding of the material. However, they cannot capture distinct brand personalities, messaging, and audience requirements.

Depending on them puts you in danger of getting penalized by the search engine gods (AKA Google) and failing to connect with your clients. Machines cannot replace human beings, but they can help them, which should matter to businesses. The debate might never end, but we are leaving you with a thought. 

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