The Dominance Of Top Social Media Influencers

Top social media influencers are the new age celebrities!

The digital market has undergone various changes in the last decade. Now, it is the top social media influencers that have gained immense popularity. They are the new face of the entrepreneurial industry. It’s not about waiting for opportunities to land in their lives. The top social media influencers are the ones who create opportunities for themselves. 

That also means that the opportunities created are a sign for the market to change things up a bit. It’s the market’s responsibility to cater to the needs of top social media influencers and recognize their potential. 

Before we unpack the business they generate, let’s understand what makes a top social media influencer! 

What is a Top Social Media Influencer?

Simply put, a top social media influencer is someone who understands all the facts and figures concerning social media. Plus, they would also have the ability to know how to make money off every social media platform. 

Yes, a social media influencer does not have a set job description. And that is the ideal aspect. They just have to project themselves as an expert in some field. They can choose to show whichever aspect of their lives they are comfortable with. And make money through it. 

Importance Of Social Media Influencers 

As of now, the business landscape is dominated by social media influencers. And let’s face it, they have gained their own place in the market. The advantages that top social media influencers extend are plenty. And the drawbacks do not carry much weight. Everything has gone digital. And companies, big and small, need to partner with the top social media influencers to enhance their brands on all fronts. 

Moreover, the opportunities influencers provide for established and budding brands are awesome. Worried about a dip in your company’s sales? Partnering with a top social media influencer is your safest bet. You are unable to think about how to launch a new product? Join hands with a couple of influencers. This is a seamless marketing strategy that will always work wonders. 

Types Of Top Social Media Influencers 

Some of the categories that social media influencers are popular for are: 


Your lifestyle may sound boring to you. But if you start sharing some snippets of it, people will instantly click because they will be able to view something personal yet relatable. Lifestyle bloggers start by painting a picture that is super real. And gradually, they gain momentum and popularity, and their lifestyle gets better in front of their followers. 

Lifestyle influencers usually make videos based on giving home tours and showing audiences what they do in an entire day. Another example would be that lifestyle influencers tell their followers about how they made the shift into their new homes. There are several videos that they play with to retain their followers’ attention. An excellent example is Jelena Morkuniene, who is a mother of two children and shares her daily life via Instagram. 

Makeup And Skincare

The makeup and skincare industry is a phenomenon that has taken the entire business world by storm. People who enjoy doing makeup and religiously follow skincare routines are now full-fledged social media influencers. For example, Huda Kattan started by only posting some makeup looks on Instagram. She later posted tutorials, and now she owns a makeup and skincare brand by the name of Huda Beauty. 

It is a renowned brand on a global scale. Most of Huda Beauty’s products are out of stock. As of now, she has a net worth of $560 million. So, that shows the power that social media influencers hold. It is all about finding your niche and building upon it. 

Huda Beauty – Makeup and Skincare (Source: Instagram)

The Food Industry 

Everyone loves videos of food being made. Short, satisfying clips of all the steps being covered to make a delicious meal are the perfect watch. It is visually pleasing, and audiences can easily understand all the methods of cooking. Jamie Oliver is one of them. He is a professional chef who is already popular. 

But he also enjoys a solid follower base on Instagram, which consists of 9.2 million followers. He posts about culture and food. Audiences already adore him, but they love to see his take on different recipes. Jamie Oliver turning into a social media influencer was great news because audiences did not always catch a glimpse of him on television. But, they are able to gain insight into his personal life via Instagram. 

Influencers That Are Financial Experts 

The finance industry has branched out into social media as well. It is a no-brainer that people who project themselves as experts gain momentum quickly on social media. As a result, they became one of the top social media influencers. Everyone is keen on listening to advice that may help them enhance their financial resources. 

Finance Josh on Instagram is a financial influencer who has immense knowledge on topics like Bitcoin, credit scores, and investment. He makes videos while sharing tips and tricks on how to use these mediums in order to reap benefits in a monetary way. He also adds a personal touch by constantly reinforcing the fact that the only investment worth it is the one you make in yourself. Josh is also deemed an author since he has published a book called, “The Easy Way to Invest.” 

Finace Josh – Financial Influencer (Source: Instagram)

Celebrities Taking The Influencer Route

People are often wondering why renowned celebrities are now becoming social media influencers. The answer is simple; they want to make more money and gain more recognition. And social media is the best option they can avail of. They boost their visibility and always remain a part of pop culture. 

Moreover, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are fantastic when it comes to gaining views over different businesses that celebrities already conduct. An example would be Selena Gomez’s marketing for her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. A ten second video also has millions of views. And that brings more money to the table. People are already interested in celebrities’ stardom and are always on the lookout to witness what happens in their personal lives. Hence, celebrities also turn into social media influencers. 

Sports And Fitness

The sports industry is largely digitized as well. That is because fitness experts have seldom shown their expertise on a platform that gives them credibility and makes money at the same time. But now, that concept has changed since short work-out videos are the latest trend. 

People do not even have enough time to incorporate a workout into their routines. They find it much easier to skim through different social media platforms and see fitness routines that they can try. Even if followers avoid following those fitness routines, they still like to save them for the future. Michelle Lewin is a fitness enthusiast who previously worked at a clinic in Venezuela. As of now, she has her own range of supplements and workout equipment. Her journey is inspiring, and her popularity is ground-breaking. 

Components That Make A Top Social Media Influencer

There are many elements that go into making a top social media influencer. Some of them are: 

The Number Of Followers

The number of followers is the first element that is paid attention to when vetting top social media influencers. Existing followers stick to their accounts, and new ones join. Plus, it becomes super easy for them to gain popularity on other famous social media platforms as well. 

Moreover, brands that wish to collaborate with top social media influencers only take the plunge when they realize those influencers have a massive following. After all, there needs to be an aspect that completely favors companies when they partner with influencers. And that is only a success when social media influencers have big numbers to show. 

Metrics Of Engagement

Having a solid fanbase is not the only aspect that leads to social media influencers getting ahead of the game. Engagement is something that is always paid attention to. Likes, comments, and views are the center of focus. That is a metric that big brands who plan to partner with social media influencers study. Partnering with an influencer that has zero engagement is of no worth. There has to be something that the influencer offers. 

And the only factor that is worth taking the plunge for is when social media influencers have a top quality engagement rate. Their posts should be getting thousands of likes per minute. Their comments section should be flooded. And the views on their short videos or reels should be earth-shattering. Top social media influencers have gained their followers in an organic way. But now, there are many other ways to gain viewership. These include paid sponsorships and social media ads. 

Brand Popularity

The audience is well aware of what is happening on social media. Skimming through different social media platforms is done a gazillion times in a day. That gives them a fair idea of which social media influencer is making it big and which one still needs to put in some effort. 

That is why audiences also need to stay updated on the status of the brands that social media influencers work with. Big brands like Nike and Fenty usually pair up with top social media influencers to boost their reach. And audiences instantly pitch in to elevate their recognition. It benefits both the brand and the influencer, but still, it adds more to the influencer’s popularity. 

Frequency Of Posting 

A visible indicator of a top social media influencer is measured by their posting frequency. Ghosting audiences or only creating a vacuum for its own sake is not desirable anymore. Audiences want rapid responses and want to see more of their favorite influencers. 

A top social media influencer would know that they have to retain their followers’ attention, even if it means posting a picture of something unnecessary. That still piques the audience’s interest, and it’s as simple as keeping tabs on their favorite personality. 

Authentic Social Media Influencers 

Every social media influencer has a distinct way of projecting themselves on social media. It is visible either through the way they speak to their followers, their taglines, or the way they shoot their content. That separates them from other competitors, and audiences are quickly attached to them if they click with their ideology. But the authenticity must stay intact. 

Even when brands and businesses reach out to social media influencers, the content should be shot in an original manner. It will gain the viewer’s trust because they will know that the social media influencer remained true to their style. Plus, it will also show that brands do not restrict online personalities from adding a personal element to such partnerships. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new player in the marketing arena. It is more like a one-stop solution to cater to all marketing concerns. Brands are lucky if they get to collaborate with a top social media influencer. 

That is because a top social media influencer can create engaging content that is also visually appealing. Influencers already have an impact over their followers. And if brands target influencers to market for them, their followers can instantly turn into customers as well. 

Boosting Sales

The reason behind joining forces with an acclaimed social media influencer is to boost sales. Companies are still at it, trying to find the perfect way to generate more sales. But there is something that always falls short. But when businesses, regardless of their size, reach out to influencers, they have a huge chance to gain momentum. This is only because followers trust their chosen influencers. 

Plus, they swear by the products those influencers support. A minute-long review of a product can add to its credibility. And that is done when a famous social media influencer chooses to review it. This is an excellent way for brands to witness their products get out of stock. Followers blindly follow everything that influencers recommend. Hence, sales boosting for brands is inevitable. 

Enhancing Brand Image 

Small brands should definitely place their bets on social media influencers because they can help boost their brand image effectively. Small businesses struggle to create campaigns that instantly resonate. They can have stellar ideas but face a shortage of resources. Most investments go into the trial and error process of marketing. But reaching out to a top social media influencer is the best solution budding brands can find. All they have to do is give them a brief overview of their product and ask them to add a personal element in the video or post.

The overwhelming response is confirmed because followers are always ready to try out products that are supported by the influencers they follow. And when the product becomes popular, it significantly enhances the brand’s image. Followers transform into loyal customers and independently support the brand too. An element of trust is built that keeps adding value to the brand’s image. 

The Relationship Between The Influencers And Followers 

The main reason why followers stick with influencers is because of the relationship that has been built over the years. Genuine followers are a part of an influencer’s journey from the very start. That is when numbers and views did not matter. But there was something that triggered their attention, and that is the reason they started following the influencer. 

The follower tends to become more of a family member and closely witnesses all the changes that take place in the influencer’s life. And some followers always stand out for the influencers as well. Influencers need to genuinely regard their followers so that they continue to support their dreams and ventures. 

The Rise Of The Creator Economy 

Content creators and influencers have had such an immense impact on the world that now they have their own economy known as the “creator economy.” That reflects the dominance they have in the business world. Trends are a by-product of influencer practices. Moreover, social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are now heavily dependent on the influencer culture. 

The success of their practices has inspired many people to join the club. People have genuinely started looking at it as a full-time job. A lot of thought and effort goes into being a solid influencer. And audiences have helped influencers justify all these efforts. 

What Does The Future Hold?

The top social media influencers will always remain an important part of digital practices. That is because they have made their presence indispensable. Also, influencers keep on working toward being relevant. It is either done by supporting social causes or talking about things that matter. Hence, the future looks promising, and the world should be ready for more social media influencers to enter the economy. 

Featured Image: Midas

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