Best Tools for Influencer Marketing in 2022

Use these influencer marketing tools to take your social media campaigns to the next level!

Social media has taken the world by storm. What started as a means to connect with your friends and family is now a place for businesses to promote their products. With the rise of influencers, brands have found a new opportunity to connect with their customers and sell to a larger audience. 

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Are you a business looking to leverage this opportunity for yourself? With the right tools, it’s easy enough to do. Influencer marketing tools are solutions that let you find content creators, connect with them and run your campaigns. But how do you choose one from a plethora of tools?

Well, we’ve already found the best of the best for you. So take a look! 

To Find Influencers

The first thing you need when starting an influencer campaign is a discovery tool. How else are you going to find the best influencers to work with? Without wasting any time, here’s a list of influencer marketing platforms with the best discovery tools. 


Heepsy is a common name when it comes to the influencer world. It’s an amazing tool that uses next-gen AI tech to find the best influencers for your brand. This discovery tool shows influencers for every popular niche from Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. These four platforms drive the highest traction for influencers and Heepsy covers them all for you. 

Their database is seven million strong. So rest assured, you’ll find some great influencers willing to partner up with you. Heepsy has four criteria to filter search results; categories, location, engagement and audience. Its AI technology offers a lot of analytics and metrics to help you assess influencers. The tool also has authenticity filters and fraud-detection features that will help you avoid fake influencers. 

Heepsy has a free and paid plan. The free version offers limited features. But with several plans, starting from $49, you can unlock all features.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is another discovery tool that is quite popular with large brands and companies. As the name suggests, it’s a powerful outreach software that focuses on both influencers and bloggers. With this tool, you’ll get instant access to over 25 million bloggers and influencers. All you have to do is simply type a keyword, and you’ll have a list of the best people to collaborate with. 

The best thing about this software is that it offers outreach features as well. You can schedule and automate your emails with upto two follow-ups. NinjaOutreach has a vast library of email templates you can use to connect with your preferred influencers. It has an in-built CRM that lets you manage your relationships with influencers. 

NinjaOutreach has an excellent pricing plan. After a free trial, you can pick a plan from three different options, the lowest one starting from $389 /month. If you bill annually, you’ll also get a 60% discount.


The last discovery tool on our list is HypeAuditor. This tool started as a fake follower and engagement auditor. But with all the social media data they had collected, the people behind HypeAuditor pivoted to an influencer marketing tool. All of this vast data makes this tool worthy of being on this list. 

HypeAuditor offers a huge database of fifty million creators. The tool used to be precisely focused on Instagram and YouTube influencers. But now, it has expanded to include even more platforms. It offers brands detailed reports on influencers, their account analytics, and target audience information. With this, you’ll be equipped to make smart and creative decisions and give your campaigns the edge they need. 

Its basic subscription starts from $399 per month and offers a range of features, including:

  • 30 analytical reports per month
  • Influencer discovery tool 
  • Outreach tool
  • Campaign management

For Campaign Management

Next up is running your campaigns. Influencer management tools let you handle your campaigns from beginning to end, providing a full range of services, so you won’t need anything else. Here are two of the best!


Upfluence is an end-to-end influencer management solution. This all-in-one software allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. It has a seamless workflow that lets you manage your campaigns through a single dashboard. 

When you’re running a campaign, there are a multitude of things to keep an eye on. With Upfluence, you can write, review and send drafts for content creation. It offers product seeding, so your influencers can easily choose which products to promote. You can create discount codes and affiliate links with a single click. It works with every CMS, so you can keep track of every influencer’s sales as well. 

Influencer payment management through Upfluence is easy-peasy. Automate your invoice generation, funds collection, procurement, and payments. Lastly, Upfluence also has a powerful listening tool. With it, you can create streams of your keywords and track how well your hashtags and campaigns are working. 

Upfluence has flexible pricing, and your plan is tailored to meet your needs.


Looking for one tool that does it all? Well, here you go. Influencity is an influencer marketing platform that offers everything from identification to campaign execution. It has a database of over seventy million influencers and offers accurate account and campaign data. 

Its plus point lies in its influencer analysis features. Once you start looking into certain influencers, you’ll find KPIs, fake follower detention, interests, and brand affinity. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Influencers’ audience data also tells you their demographics and if your influencers’ audience is overlapping. With this data, you can better decide who to work with and how. 

When you start running your campaign and add influencers, Influencity lets you have an aggregated look into the group and how they’ll perform together. This predictive analytics will help you launch a better campaign. Influencity’s campaign dashboard will give you analytics on every influencer’s performance so that you can make changes to your strategy in real-time. 

The reason behind the popularity of this platform is its pricing. They have a plan for every kind of business, small or large. The starter plan is just $48 a month. Custom plans can even go up to $698 a month. 

Found Your Influencer?

So here’s our list of the best influencer marketing tools in the market right now. We’ve got something for everybody. From small businesses to large. Find influencers that fit your brand and can take your marketing to the next level. Run your campaigns from a single screen and keep track of what your influencers are doing.

Have you used any of these before? Or got one even better? Let us know in the comments below!

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