6 Best Keyword Research Tools 2023

The best keyword research tools 2023 are set to take the market by storm!

Content can be optimized only if companies choose to use the best keyword research tools in the marketplace. It does not have to do with small or large businesses anymore. The only way to gain prominence within the industry is to follow SEO trends and include the best keyword research tools in 2023. 

Information gathered through keyword research is the basis for a stellar content marketing strategy. Businesses cannot rely on the information they gather through surveys and polls anymore. Using the correct keyword research tools will only help them gain insight into what their audiences prefer to see and how they can offer them the exact experience they want! 

Before we discuss some excellent keyword research tools in 2023, let’s see what keyword research actually means. 

What Is Keyword Research? 

Keyword research is super important to get a better understanding of online user behavior. It basically refers to the task of exploring popular search terms that people are using to get the best results for their queries. 

Ever wondered how all those suggestions pop up as soon as you enter a term on Google? Well, those are the suggested search terms that have the highest ranking according to your query. 

It does not end here. Keyword research, if done correctly, can show you specific results in terms of which keyword will suit your company better if you publish content on it. The best keyword research tools in 2023 will also provide a list that shows which keywords are worth generating content on and which will not serve the purpose of bringing any benefit. 

The major gain from using the best keyword research tools in 2023 is that they help you connect instantly with your target audience. Keyword research helps you understand ways to make your content more visible. It also serves as the foundation for conducting a marketing strategy on a large scale. 

Importance Of Keyword Research

Let’s unpack the importance of keyword research. 

A lot of marketers scratch their heads trying to find out exactly what is coming in the middle of their content and what audiences expect. Half of the content strategy is done if keyword research is done seamlessly. 

For starters, it conducts a specific search on which queries are most asked under the categories that certain industries specialize in. The idea of keyword research is to come up with solid solutions for users. 

Secondly, it helps in optimizing content so that search engine rankings are higher. Basically, the higher the search engine rankings, the more visible a company’s content is online. 

Maintaining a concrete online presence is also extremely necessary in present day circumstances. The best way to do that is to fill your content with relevant keywords so that your website automatically ranks higher in 

Google search results. Audiences do not have the time to scroll through every suggestion. They make do with the ones that are present when they search for the very first time. Hence, it is important to keep these factors in mind in order to perform keyword research perfectly.

Importance of Keyword Research (Source: Sun Media Marketing)

Keyword Research Tools In 2023: Benefits

Following are some of the benefits of keyword research tools that you can take advantage of: 

One of the major takeaways from conducting simple keyword research by using the best keyword research tools in 2023 is getting to know about the most popular trends in the market. One does not have to reach out to different mediums in terms of knowing which trends are being followed in the marketplace. 

Companies just have to do research based on industry specific keywords. The lists that are generated showcase which keywords are trending and which will not serve the company in any way. What could be better than using one platform to perform two actions? 

It saves a lot of time because both things can be handled by the keyword research tools in 2023. A lot of time and effort is required to research trends that are working in the business world. For starters, marketers have to take special time out in order to research industry specific trends and create content based on them. 

However, with the best keyword research tools in 2023, marketers will not have to spend countless hours deciding which trend will sit well with their content. The keyword research helps shortlist keywords that will blend well with the terms that marketers have searched for. Moreover, the keyword research tool will show results that are directly connected with what the audience anticipates in terms of content. 

Getting More Traffic

The aim of publishing SEO content powered by the best keyword research tools in 2023 is to get more traffic. There are different metrics that help determine the traffic that content requires. The biggest factor that helps ads and articles gain the traffic that is needed to stay relevant are keywords. 

Audiences will not shy away from switching to different websites or clicking on other ads if their requirements are not fulfilled. The only way to get more traffic is based on how successful marketers are in deciding on keywords that will help them bridge the gap between them and their audiences. 

Here are some metrics that can be studied in order to know which keywords will work best for content marketing. 

Search Volume 

One of the most important keyword metrics is search volume. Studying a keyword’s search volume showcases the number of times users have typed in that keyword to get the response they need. Search volume also refers to the monthly count of a specific phrase or term that can be deemed a keyword that marketers can work with. 

Often, marketers land on keywords that may be popular but not for the content that they generate. But the search volume helps them forecast the results of using a specific keyword because it will generally be more searched by users. That helps them understand the searchability of a term and decide whether to publish content for it. 

The process is to decide on a list of keywords, then analyze their search volume. Once the search volume indicates that the keyword is thoroughly searched by your target audience, that is when marketers should go ahead with creating content. That boosts the possibility of content instantly resonating with audiences and getting more reach, too. 

Another metric used to decide whether the use of keywords will be successful or not is following trends based on the geographical location of a business. Content creators must understand that trends change when you narrow down your approach.

For example, the interest of users starts to vary when a term is searched from a different point of view. A keyword that might have an outstanding position in one country may not have the same benefits if it is searched in another part of the world. 

That is why it is important to narrow down one’s approach to find the best keywords that will work wonders in terms of catering to the interests of your user base. Moreover, it will confirm the success of your content if it is targeted for a specific region. 

Use Keywords That Are Untapped

It might come as a surprise, but keywords that do not pose a sense of competition also work well in terms of getting more traffic. Only because certain keywords are not used does not mean they will not hold any weight. 

Sometimes, marketers must deploy different metrics that will help them gain a distinct position in the marketplace. We all know that sometimes things that are not given importance have unpredictable results. The same is true for using keywords that are generally not used. 

There are still a specific number of people who look for content when they search for less popular keywords. The point is that there are only a handful of marketers who work on keywords that are usually avoided. 

Basically, working on less used keywords helps reach people who do not get content when they search for those untapped keywords. That gives rise to the possibility of creating another group of targeted audience members that will always get superb content when they search for a less relevant keyword. That will only benefit companies by enhancing their image. Plus, they will be known for catering to different audiences. 

Online Visibility

The main reason to spend time deciding on the best keyword research tools in 2023 is to make an everlasting impact across all social media platforms. However, marketers must also know that deciding on a keyword research tool will automatically result in an enhanced level of online visibility. 

Online visibility is tough to crack when extensive forms of content are being published. There needs to be a hook in articles or case studies for readers to be convinced enough to revisit certain websites. Certain keywords work super well in helping you rank higher in search results. Naturally, users will click on the first result that appears when they enter a term in the Google search bar. 

But what determines the likelihood of appearing at the top of the Google search results is the use of popular keywords. And only the best keyword research tools in 2023 can help you shortlist them. As a result, the keyword helps in joining forces with the search intent of the users. The term “search intent” refers to the reason behind users choosing to search for a particular keyword. 

Audience Retention 

Audience retention is one of the biggest goals of a company when it sets out to publish content. Companies are defined by their audiences, who support them in moments of uncertainty. But there needs to be a factor that convinces audiences to show their advocacy for a company. That is only possible when audiences’ expectations are met. 

An excellent way to do this is by publishing content on the keywords that they mostly search for. That will also authenticate their reason for sticking around. An easy hack to get attention quickly is by adding certain hooks when it comes to meta-descriptions and headings. 

Obviously, marketers will conduct research to determine what resonates well with their target audience. However, an excellent strategy refers to the ability to include the keywords in a specific area. For example, if your target audience is looking to follow “easy steps” regarding a process, it is best to phrase your heading by including the words “easy” and “quick steps” in order for them to press on the link.

This is more like an investment companies should make in order to retain their consumer base. After all, companies only thrive on the support that is extended by their audience. Audience retention also leads to organic growth. Content should also include audience testimonials about their journey with a company. That encourages more users to support a company too. 

Best Keyword Research Tools 2023


When finding a keyword research tool, marketers need one that has an all in one approach as far as solutions are concerned. Ahrefs is one of the greatest additions to the keyword tool world. For starters, the interface can be easily understood. It provides users with a seamless journey to help make optimizing content a dream. 

It is one of the top ranking keyword research tools because it has the inbuilt feature of monitoring website traffic as a metric. The findings that it provides are based on that crucial metric. This way, finding keywords that suit a website best is easy. So, marketers know that the results they are getting via Ahrefs are super solid. 

Another renowned feature of Ahref is that it also has a backlink checker. Company owners can instantly get informed if their website connects to any other links that do not perform well. 


One of the key objectives of using the best keyword research tools is to create long lasting PPC campaigns. There were not many keyword research tools that helped in creating campaigns that kept the PPC element at the center of focus. SEMrush has been considered one of the best keyword research tools that makes successful PPC campaigns a reality.   

SEMrush has become one of the best tools for it because it gives ample space to make ads in a customized way. Companies can choose the video or image format to gain more profit via PPC. Video content is considered to be more visually appealing. So it automatically gets more clicks. This drives more traffic to a website and builds interest for users too. 

SEMrush provides comprehensive reports on how well your campaigns are performing based on the keywords you shortlist. That helps keep track of how successful campaigns are in order to make necessary changes in the future. 

Keyword research becomes a fulfilling task when marketers get to know what is trending for queries typed in by users. Google Trends is the ideal platform to gain insight on what sort of queries companies should choose keywords for. Ultimately, the idea is to rank the highest on Google search results. 

So Google itself has introduced a platform to make things easier for its users. Google Trends gives in depth reports on the reasoning behind certain queries being asked. That improves the likelihood of marketers publishing content that will get more views and clicks. The biggest takeaway from Google Trends is that it is absolutely free and always gives accurate results. 


Finding the right keyword can be one of the most time consuming tasks. One has to view multiple websites in order to narrow down which keywords will suit their niche. However, Soovle is a keyword research tool that gathers data from all popular and unpopular websites to provide keywords to marketers. 

They do not have to go around searching for every minute detail. One of the biggest benefits of Soovle is that companies do not need to rely on the same results every time they run an advanced search. Soovle updates their records on a monthly basis. That means users get updated results every time they search for the most popular keywords. 


Much like the name suggests, KWFinder is a favorite marketing keyword research tool in the marketplace. As aforementioned, there are short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are comparatively easier to find. However, long tail keywords that are not so challenging to decode are a challenge. 

KWFinder is an excellent keyword research tool that particularly deals with finding long tail keywords that are not challenging as far as SEO is concerned. The placement of the keywords is also super important. 

KWFinder also helps in deciding which keyword should be placed in what context. But one of the biggest benefits of using KWFinder is that it uncovers knowledge about what your competitors might be up to as well. 

Much of the research is based on how far one’s competitors have come. So it is always best to be one step ahead and work accordingly. This is why KWFinder will also be one of the best keyword research tools in 2023. 

Keyword Surfer 

Sometimes, just finding a popular keyword does not cut it. Users need to see whether it goes well with the idea of what they wish to publish online. This is why Keyword Surfer is not just an excellent tool to find out about popular keywords; it also helps users come up with millions of ideas that can help their website rank much higher in search results. 

Users who choose Keyword Surfer get to directly view the search volume of their chosen keyword on Google. That makes the journey even more promising. Keyword Surfer enjoys a large community of users as it gets most of the work done on one platform. 

How Will the Best Keyword Research Tools in 2023 Impact the Market? 

In 2023, the best keyword research tools will aid marketers in becoming more efficient in understanding what it takes to rank content higher. These keyword research tools will help them narrow down their approach in order to post top quality content. The best part is that the tools will cut back on costs and promote management done in a less time consuming manner. This will benefit companies in the long run. Also, they will be able to utilize their time and efforts on other fronts of their business. 

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