Content Marketing ROI: Best Practices

If you’re a content marketer, here’s how you can boost the ROI of your content!

The content marketing ROI can be leveled up with the help of AI tools. These tools serve as cheat codes in the competitive game of marketing. To survive the competition, you need to employ these powerful strategies.

With AI tools, your brand can get rid of bounced emails and generate great content. 

What Is Content Marketing ROI?

The content marketing ROI refers to the comparison of the investment made and the revenue generated from a particular marketing campaign. For instance, if you’ve invested a sum of money in a newsletter campaign, you can assess the revenue generated with the help of specific KPIs. 

With content marketing, the chances of striking gold are high. There are various content types to explore such as podcasts, blogs and videos. To armor against the increasing competition, marketers must consider choosing the strongest strategies for generating a high ROI. 

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI? 

To measure the ROI of your content marketing, you need to employ a simple formula. 

Formula to Calculate Content Marketing ROI (Source: WordStream)

For instance, you can assess the profits generated from your weekly social media campaign with the help of this. It would also be useful to make use of the relevant KPIs. By doing so, you can accurately measure the ROI and work toward improvement.     

The measurement and tracking of the ROI is crucial for improvement. This measurement can guide brand marketers to opt for the best of the best tools and strategies for their campaigns. Use this formula to determine the return on investment of your social media marketing efforts. 

Content Marketing ROI and AI 

As AI announces its arrival in the digital marketing world, marketers are presented with a golden opportunity. To leverage this technology for the improvement of the content marketing ROI. This can help marketers gain a lot of XP points.  

If you’re relying on outdated software, it’s time to opt for more advanced options. 

With AI, it’s only logical to ask: what’s the catch? By reading the terms and conditions of the software, you can ensure data protection and benefit from the incredible features of AI. 

Benefits of AI in Content Marketing  

With AI, content marketing efforts can be strengthened. This can then translate into a higher ROI. If you’re not yet aware of the benefits of AI, you’re living under a rock. Here’s why you should grab a hold of AI software for your content marketing efforts. 


AI enables marketers to create a one-of-a-kind experience for customers. By realizing personalization, AI software helps marketers strike success. General product recommendations in emails can warrant dissatisfaction.  

AI can resuscitate email marketing efforts. By analyzing the customer shopping history and preferences, only the most relevant recommendations can be presented to customers. This can translate to an effective marketing campaign and subsequently, a greater ROI. 


By automating processes like social media posting, marketers can work on the ROI of their content marketing efforts. AI can help post at the right time to maximize advantage. This can contribute to an enriched ROI.   

There are various content marketing processes that can be automated with the help of this advanced technology. It would be favorable for brands to invest in AI-powered automation software. By doing so, they can expect an improved ROI. 

Improved User Experience

Is the user experience even connected to the ROI? Yes. If you incorporate elements into your web design that are conducive to a positive user experience, you can transform your ROI for the better. AI-powered heatmaps are an example of such elements.  

AI can help make the user experience a lot better. With the help of the AI analytics tools, the web design can be made better for visitors. For example, the use of chatbots and AI-powered virtual assistants can enrich the UX like nothing else. 

Idea Generation 

We’ve all experienced the force of the creative block. AI can help with this common issue faced by many creative specialists. By generating interesting ideas for your content marketing, AI can help you take your marketing game up a notch.  

Generative AI comes with a heroic cape. To rescue marketers from creative block, tools like Jasper and ChatGPT can be of incredible help. If you’re on the lookout for original content but can’t seem to shake yourself out of the rut you’re in, try these options.

When Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing, Here’s How to Take SEO into Account (Source: Demand Jump)

ROI-Boosting AI Tools 

Since the software market is jam-packed with AI tools, you don’t have to search high and low. But, it is important to go through the specifications and the user reviews in order to make an informed choice. Here are some ROI boosting AI tools of our choice!   


This AI tool is a mastermind at refining your content. If you haven’t brushed up on your writing skills in a while, that’s okay. QuiltBolt can help you fix any errors in your text. This incredible tool can spot any error in the text and give recommendations on how to make it better. 

If there are grammatical errors in your social media post captions or even worse, in your blog content, it can have devastating consequences for your marketing. QuiltBolt is the assistant you’ve always wanted, minus the unnecessary chit chat. 


ChatGPT has become a household name now. This AI tool can generate high quality content for your brand. By simply inserting a prompt, marketers can end up with interesting captions, blog content and fabulous ideas for their marketing campaigns.  

ChatGPT can boost the ROI of content marketing. It is proving itself to be the lead contender among AI tools. It is only logical to expect AI tools like this one gaining widespread popularity as it saves the time of marketers. 

Seventh Sense    

Are you struggling with managing your campaign? Seventh Sense is here to save the day. The secret to having a successful marketing campaign is a great performance monitoring software. With this tool, marketers can reach all their targets at a faster pace with the personalized email delivery time feature

This option can help you optimize your email marketing. As a result, you can reach content marketing success. AI tools like this one are incredibly powerful in getting a high ROI. Use Seventh Sense for your business and revel in success. 


SEO is a central part of content marketing. With MarketMuse, you can get alerts on the latest trends in SEO. It also gives out custom reports so that marketers can refine their campaigns. Data visualization and competitor analysis are some of the other features offered too. 

To get a higher ROI, improving SEO efforts is key. To accomplish this, you need to invest in this fabulous AI tool. If you haven’t tried out MarketMuse yet, what’s stopping you? 

How to Boost Content Marketing ROI 

You can use a variety of ways to secure a high ROI. To select the right one, you need to factor in the type of content, your marketing objective, investment made and revenue generated. These important factors should not be cast aside.  

Whether you’re using ChatGPT for your blog content or using web optimization techniques, there are a variety of ways you can make your content marketing efforts more worthwhile. Here are some strategies to explore. 

Keep a Check on Social Media Marketing ROI While Analyzing Content Marketing ROI (Source: Wtwh Media)

Repurpose Blog Content 

If you have outdated blog content, you can revisit it and extract the bits and pieces that are relevant and useful. This can assist your efforts in increasing the content marketing ROI. For instance, you can repurpose the content of a technical blog into a colorful infographic. If building backlinks is on your checklist, this can help you check it off. 

By refreshing content, with the expertise of generative AI, you can cast a positive effect on the ROI of your content marketing campaigns. This underrated, and often overlooked strategy can work like magic. Use this strategy as a cheat code now! 

Use AI Content Generation 

To enrich your content marketing ROI, you can use AI content creation to your advantage. Whether you need inspiration for a blog title or a short-form SEO friendly article, AI tools can work their magic to grant you your wish.  

Google ranks AI generated articles on SERPs, provided that the SEO guidelines are met. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your startup’s website, AI can be the way towards that. Ofcourse, it is important to supplement AI content generation with human expertise. 

Consider Web Optimization   

If your site takes eons to load, it can obstruct the revenue generated from content marketing. To avoid this from happening, you can work with site optimization strategies. This can help your site rope in a higher level of user engagement. It can assist in the improvement of the overall ROI.  

Web optimization entails a comprehensive process. From using properly formatted images to limiting the use of media content on the website, there are so many elements to consider. You can start small by focusing on the media content and then work your way to the web layout. 

Focus on Content Promotion 

Creating great quality content is just the first step toward getting a high ROI. The next, most important, step is to promote it the right way. As a marketer, you need to take the user engagement rate into account, along with the type of audience and the choice of social media platforms.   

By doing so, you can ensure the effectiveness of your campaign and drive a high ROI. This practice can be assisted with the use of AI tools. It would be best to direct your undivided attention toward this practice. 

Use SEO ranking Factors 

It is important to have an inside scoop on SEO practices. This information can supplement your content marketing efforts. For example, Google’s list of SEO ranking factors can be a great point to start. By incorporating these factors into your blog or video content, you can reel in a high ROI. 

If you rank high on SERPs, you can rope in a lot of revenue. This long-reigning content marketing strategy can be transformative for your business. Have you edited your old blog content to meet the latest SEO guidelines? 

Keep It Simple 

To get a greater ROI, you need to keep your content simple. This applies for the text, content type and online platform. If you overwhelm a social media user with excessive content, it can backfire. You must keep the content simple and easy to read. 

By knowing what your audience wants, you can create a content strategy that works in your favor. Most audiences typically prefer content that is short and easy to comprehend. This is why you should use this strategy to your advantage. This can help you improve the ROI significantly. 

AI: Winner Takes All? 

With data concerns headlining the AI debate, should marketers proceed with caution? There’s only one way out and it’s by diving right in. If you focus too much on the concerns relating to AI, you’ll never fully realize your marketing potential. By using AI tools, you can unlock so many prizes. 

Instead of waiting for data protection laws to get a hold of AI software, you should try your luck at this incredible technology. If you have AI in your marketing arsenal, you’re already on the road to success.

Featured Image: Search Engine Journal

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