Nonprofit Marketing: A Heroic Endeavour?

Here’s a little insight into this public-spirited marketing approach!

To run a nonprofit, donations and volunteers are required. The only way to achieve that is by employing the right nonprofit marketing strategies. This enables NGOs to collect resources and raise awareness on social issues.  

There are many creative ways to go about this type of marketing. Most marketers use emotion as an instrument in their campaigns. They usually do this through documentary marketing. This can be an effective way of furthering a charitable cause. 

If you’re curious to know how this type of marketing works, keep reading to find out more. 

The Crux of Nonprofit Marketing 

This type of marketing is typically driven by a social cause. The ultimate aim is to raise awareness and funds. This is achieved with the help of powerful marketing campaigns. For example, emotional marketing is a popular route for many nonprofits.  

There are endless ways to market a nonprofit’s mission, from newsletters to experiential events. These strategies can help raise awareness and reel in donations. The best way to determine which strategy is best suited for a NGO is by identifying the target audience. 

Top Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

For nonprofits, the relevance of conventional marketing strategies is never-dying. For the purpose of raising awareness, event marketing has been the preferred route for years. This highly effective strategy helps NGOs boost their fundraising efforts.  

In the digital age, it has become difficult to separate marketing from digitization. The entry of AR/VR tech into the marketing arena goes to show how far marketing has come. For nonprofits, this can be a promising avenue for fundraising. 

Why Nonprofits Need a Marketing Strategy? (Source: Visme)

Here are the top marketing strategies used by NGOs around the world.

Story-Telling Campaigns

By making your NGO’s mission transparent and sharing it with the audience, you’re likely to garner a lot of support. This is because it ensures the credibility of an organisation. For example, local nonprofits run video advertisements on news channels or social media.

These advertisements usually show the inner workings of an organization and the social impact they’re making with their mission. By making real-life stories more visible, NGOs can catch the attention of wealthy donors.  

Checkout Page Optimization

If an NGO wants to partner with an e-commerce store to bring in donations, then they can opt for checkout page optimization. By simply adding a donation option on the checkout page, they can increase the chances of customers making donations. 

This point-of-sale marketing tactic is commonly used by both e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. This persuasive strategy enables customers to make small donations at the end of their purchases. 

Email Newsletters

As in other marketing approaches, email newsletters can be extremely powerful in generating revenue/funds. The tricky bit about email marketing is the subscriber list. It can be difficult to get people to subscribe to emails but with the help of sign-up rewards, this can be made possible.

To introduce a sign-up reward, NGOs can partner with e-commerce brands to get a subscriber list. This is a win-win situation as the brand benefits from a positive brand image and the NGO benefits by increasing awareness. 


For many nonprofits, a GoFundMe page is a lifesaver. This platform has helped many NGOs to receive donations, big and small. This has contributed to their efforts significantly. Most charitable organisations use this as a means to gain donations. 

The best part about platforms like this one is that it ensures transparency. It allows donors to stay updated with the cause. This can be a great way to collect funds and increase awareness. 

The Benefits of Nonprofit Marketing

There are numerous benefits to this marketing approach. To start with, it helps raise awareness on issues otherwise overlooked. For example, disease awareness NGOs help shed light on common diseases like cancer. This can help people make more informed lifestyle choices.  

Nonprofit marketing is based on humanitarian grounds, so it benefits everyone. 

Raises Awareness

This is the most apparent benefit. It helps NGOs deliver their message to the people. This is important because it helps bring in financial and volunteer support. There are multiple ways to raise awareness. Whether that’s through billboard advertisements or social media platforms. 

Boosts Fundraising Efforts

This type of marketing works wonders for boosting fundraising efforts. It can help accomplish initiatives like making education more accessible or funding for medical treatment. There are a bunch of creative marketing tricks that can be employed to achieve this. For example, short-form animated videos. 

The Perils of Nonprofit Marketing

It is important to unmask nonprofit marketing. There are dangers to this type of marketing. Most renowned NGOs have a transparent system in place to reassure people that their donations are contributed toward the cause. However, even the most well-reputed NGOs can fall victim to fraud.  

Risk of Fraud

The Oxfam scandal is an unfortunate reality of the dangers associated with NGO fundraising and marketing. Although platforms like GoFundMe are transparent, other donation options are not so secure. There is an ever present risk of fraud which can undermine the charitable mission of NGOs. 

The Future of Nonprofit Marketing

The future of nonprofit marketing looks bright. As digitization transforms marketing for the better, nonprofit marketing can benefit from it. Metaverse can be an exciting option to explore. It has never been this easy to acquire donations and to increase social cause visibility.

Most NGOs rely on digital marketing strategies to catch the attention of potential donors and the general public. As new platforms emerge by the day, marketers have more options than ever to accomplish their objectives.

Have you come across a creative nonprofit marketing strategy online? Share your experience with us in the comment section down below! 

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