How Do Instagram Accounts Get Hacked? Here’s All That You Need to Know.

Instagram hacked? Don’t worry. Here is how you can prevent it.

Instagram is the second-most used social media platform. You can’t start a day without opening it early in the morning. So, if you get your account hacked, it’ll give you a mini heart attack. As Instagram gained popularity among people, it caught the attention of cybercriminals. This has led to an increase in phishing attempts. 

Lower your chances of being wielded in such attacks. Be careful of what you download on your smartphones and PC. Hackers often use malicious software to access sensitive information. Thus, don’t just click on any link or attachment you receive on Instagram. That’s where it all starts.

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Telltale Signs Your Instagram Account is Hacked

Here are a couple of signs to keep an eye on:

  • The email account linked with your Instagram is changed.
  • You can no longer access your account. 
  • Notification of suspicious login attempts sent by Instagram. 
  • Random people in your account. 

How to Avoid Being Hacked?

First and foremost, you should keep your password confidential. It’s a given thing, but people share it quite often. You don’t want your login details to fall into the wrong hands. So, it’s better to enable two-factor authentication to save yourself from unnecessary hassle. This additional security step is foolproof. 

However, there is still a slim chance of hacking if a hacker changes your contact information. You can change your password to something with numbers, letters, and symbols. It will be harder to guess a computer-generated password. Additionally, you shouldn’t use your Instagram credentials for other sites. The more you authorize third-party apps, the higher risk of falling for spoofing or phishing attacks.

How Instagram Gets Hacked?

Your Instagram account can get hacked in various ways. But it’s up to you whether you detect these attempts or not. Here are the most common ways you can lose access to your account:

Malicious Software

Hackers often infect smartphones with malicious software. This spyware or keylogging software can capture your Instagram credentials. If you get a suspicious link from an unknown account, it’s best not to open them. You may download any dangerous attachment, which may restrict your account activity.

In-App Scams

In-App scams are quite often for retrieving Instagram accounts. Hackers pretend to host a giveaway. The more people spread their message, the more likely they can steal passwords. That’s because the link leads to spoofing websites. So, don’t fall for these well-executed online scams. 

How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

If you’re among the lucky bunch, the hacker may not change the password right away. So, you can simply login and check for suspicious activity. After this, it’s best to change your password immediately. But if that’s not the case, you might need to do a little more effort to recover your Instagram account. 

For instance, you should check your email if you can’t log in. You may have received an email from [email protected] addressing the suspicious activity. This can help you get back access to your account. You can request a login link from Instagram. All you have to do is choose “get helping logging in” for Android smartphones and “forgot password” for iPhones. 

The login link should work, and you can log back in. However, if it doesn’t, you can request a security code. It will be sent to the registered email or phone number. It’s a long process. Instagram officials will ask you to hold a paper with the security code written on it. This real-time verification prevents others from hacking your account. 

Ways to Protect Your Instagram Account

Here are a couple of ways to protect your Instagram account:

Spot Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common way to retrieve user credentials. However, you should be able to differentiate between official and fake emails. Many times hackers may fool anyone if they don’t look closer. So, you should check the email address and the content. You’ll notice how there may be spelling and grammatical errors. No official email has such issues, as they’re usually AI-generated. 

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

It’s the most effective way to prevent a hacker from accessing Instagram. 2FA requires one to physically provide evidence that it’s you. This can be a fingerprint or iris scan, which aren’t the same for two people. Hence, no other person can access your account. If you’re at a higher risk, it’s best to use an independent authentication app, like Google Authenticator. 

Frequently Check Login Activity

The easiest way to track any suspicious activity is to go to your “login activity” in the settings. It will help you check the locations from where your account is used. Any unauthorized user is identified, and you can immediately change your password.

Hack Proof Your Instagram Account

These steps can help hack proof your Instagram account. Be vigilant of any suspicious activity. If you’re one step ahead of the hackers, it lowers your chances of being hacked. So, keep learning about how hackers outsmart you. This way, you can save yourself from any susceptible attacks. 

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