Crash Course For AI Marketing Strategy

Find out why marketing and AI is a match made in heaven!

Artificial Intelligence is the future. It’s imperative to enable organizations to improve their marketing efforts from every single perspective. Mastering AI can help automate everyday marketing tasks. This includes critical functions like scheduling and sending emails. Some employers even use it to predict campaign performance. That’s not all; it also goes further by personalizing experiences for marketers and customers. 

Marketing has the most to gain from artificial intelligence out of all company’s functions. Its core activities are comprehending customer needs and suiting them to products and services. Only persuading people to buy capabilities that AI can dramatically improve in a short period. 

Why Use AI Marketing Strategies?

It would be a fool’s game to not invest in the ever-expanding world of AI. Especially when it comes to marketing strategies. The following are the reasons you should adopt artificial intelligence to make progressive improvements this year. 

Stronger Customer Relationships

AI tools like chatbots provide 24/7 customer support. They are always available to help out consumers as well. This lays down the basis for a strong foundation. Allowing customer service teams to save time responding to common queries. By doing that, they are able to focus on primary tasks and questions. 

Improved Decision Making

Marketing tools are a necessity in the current times. It is now possible to scan through mountains of data in no time. Now add AI-powered systems to that, and we have a real-life superhero-esque machine. They build on top of traditional marketing tools to generate helpful insights and reach customers at the right time. 

Boost campaign ROI

Successful marketing campaigns must pay attention to the concept of ROI. Developing content that hits home with your target audience and converts potential leads into loyal consumers is imperative. The correct AI marketing strategies along with historical data, run campaigns based on audience preference and add value to their journey. This affects your bottom line and increases your campaign’s ROI.

Eradicate Repetition By Automating

Every marketer’s nightmare starts with repetitive tasks and content. They drain energy and take an abundance of time to complete. Not to mention the sheer boredom of doing the same thing repeatedly. This is where you automate your yawn inducing tasks like emails, survey analysis, reporting and answering common queries. Use this time and money saved with AI to solve complex problems and innovate the company operations. One of the best AI marketing automation tools is Levity. It makes a marketer’s life easier. The staff would require no coding knowledge to make it work. 

AI Marketing Strategy Use Cases

AI marketing strategies can help you automate and improve the online marketing activities. Here are some use cases of AI in marketing.

Content Moderation 

Moderating content across every active social media platform can be a time consuming and hectic process. Enter artificial intelligence and automation. There is no better solution than to rely on technology and its brilliant functionality. Popular AI tools quickly heed through all the relevant data present on every company media outlet. This helps brands scan, filter, tag and prioritize data according to their preferences. Truly made for marketing. Ultimately, it frees up time to focus on critical tasks. What’s better than to sit and relax while your trusted Artificial Intelligence tool generates error free content. 

Ad Targeting Becomes a Reality

The question here is who do you want your ads to target? What exactly are your customer personas? Where can the audience see your ads? Fear not, as AI marketing platforms present the perfect strategy to help you create detailed targeted ads for customer engagement. They allow you to analyze your ads before going live. Many marketers use AI tools to predict ad performance before you test it. It’s no secret that advertisements are expensive, enough to burn holes in your wallet when tested without evaluating their performance. Irrelevant ads are known to put consumers off and hence they lose interest in the business. 

How AI Helps Develop Marketing Strategy?

  • Aptly evaluates ad content before publishing.
  • Helps train AI models with historical ad data to achieve the best results
  • Focuses on data-driven performance metrics 
  • Perfectly narrows down goals to improve conversion rates.

The perfect example of this is before us in the form of Facebook. One of the most popular social media platforms focuses heavily on targeted advertising. Making it easy to achieve the highest market cap and comfortably edge out the competition. An often ignored aspect is that Deep Learning plays a very important part here as Facebook uses Deep Neural Networks to determine which ads to show. 

Smart Strategies to Use For AI Marketing

Personalized Website Experience and CRO

AI can help you truly enhance visitor experience with intelligent personalization on the website. Intelligent algorithms are adept at personalizing website experience. They analyze several hundreds data points about a single user. It includes location, demographics and website interaction primarily. AI can display the best-fitting offers and content. Another strategy is to use push notifications. By using behavioral personalization, it can be specific to individual users. Delivering them the right message is very important, achieved wholly through AI tools. 

Content-Creation Chatbots

Chatbots are everywhere nowadays. All your customer representatives today are bots. This is how far AI has dipped into the world of humans. Name any industry from fashion to health to IT and intelligent chatbots are working their magic. They are even better at creating personalized content than human beings. Why is this you ask? Chatbots have access to millions of customer-centered data points. The technology can go even further and aggregate location specific requests to track repetitive problems and predict the issues for a particular user. Without a doubt, this makes them more knowledgeable than any human customer service rep. 

Breaking Down AI Marketing Strategy

Regardless of how large or small a marketing team is, AI marketing tools and machine learning programs help increase productivity. They are adept at improving both ROI and efficiency. All the while processing mountains of data your team might not have time to deduce. Remember that AI marketing strategies will help you prepare for a future where technology will be the crux of every business decision. This is why something as small as using a machine learning program needs to be perfected as soon as possible. For example, writing subject lines for your next digital marketing campaign is now a piece of cake for AI tech. An AI-powered future will help keep your brand ahead of the competition and crush revenue goals all year long.

There you have it, the crash course in marketing is now complete. Feel free to reach out and comment in case of any queries and we will get back to you!

Featured Image: Harvard Business Review

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