A Complete Guide to Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is a critical aspect for any brand to voyage on a journey of success!

Simply put, audience engagement is a conglomeration of an individual’s active and positive response. This usually occurs when a live presentation is being given. Suppose the presentation has a good color scheme and video content. It would help improve engagement levels. It would lead towards an increase in conversion rate. Translating towards an increase in profit margin. If the audience has your attention and actively participates, it means that you have hit the nail right on the head. 

Importance of Audience Engagement

Audience engagement lies on a vast spectrum of customer acquisition. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in the business. Engagement always holds critical importance. Before you voyage on this journey, it is important to learn the importance of such a tactic. 

In today’s world of social media, success is measured by the number of followers. This metric is far from the truth. The number of active users is what brands should be looking at. There’s no purpose in having an increased following if most of the audience members are inactive. If individuals are following you but not sharing, commenting or liking your post. They are dead weight for your business. 

High audience engagement helps you stand tall amongst the competition. If customers are developing a relationship with your brand. It means an increase in positive reviews. It can eventually help improve your company’s visibility. Feedback from consumers can help take your venture to the next level. Inevitably this leads to brand partnerships and other monetization opportunities. 

Examples of Audience Engagement 

Understanding the definition of audience engagement is simply not enough. You need to be aware of how brands are using it to increase their visibility in the market. 

Here are some examples of brands that have engaged audiences in the best way possible. Feel free to take inspiration from them. 


UberEats has allowed the personalization of messaging. This assures that the individual has the freedom to message the rider in case of delayed delivery. It gives power to users. This measure helps improve engagement rates. Nowadays, users expect high-quality content. Suppose they are putting their time and effort into the brand. They want value-driven content. UberEats uses dynamic content to exchange messages with restaurants. It’s based on the user’s specific location. The brand makes use of behavior-triggering messaging to highlight missed opportunities and entice users to re-engage. If a restaurant is offering a special discount on your favorite entrees. You’ll get a tailored notification from UberEats. Before incorporating this strategy, make sure that the messaging aligns with your vision statement. 


Mastercard is a prime example that if you are loyal to your customers, they will be loyal to you. This company makes use of high-quality loyalty programs. That sets them apart from the competition. The company’s CMO, Raja Rajamannar, said that “brands should be loyal to the consumers, not the other way around.” This statement holds for every business, regardless of its scale. 

Marketers should create relevant experiences that satisfy individual needs. Invest in services that are useful for your customers. Like Mastercard has invested in a digital wallet service. This would allow customers the convenience and security of a single payment system. The wallet can be accessed without the hassle of multiple verifications. This close-knitted connection helps consumers feel valued and appreciated. 


Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming platforms. They nurture leads with value propositions that have about x4 times the conversion rate compared to mass emailing prospects. Spotify runs away from general email marketing campaigns. As there is a risk that it can be flagged or end up in the customer’s junk email. Making the marketing efforts go to waste. 

Spotify extracts relevant information about listeners and groups them together. This strategy forms the basis of creating a specially curated email marketing strategy. When creating your own customized campaign, be sure not to stray from your brand’s value. It’s highly likely that you would engage consumers if the email talked about your consumers rather than praising the brand relentlessly. 

Strategies to Implement 

Use Push Notifications 

Brands can use push notifications as a way to engage with customers. And relay to them what you have to offer. Push notifications are the perfect way to ensure that consumers are reminded of what you have to offer. These are short messages that “pop up” on a user’s mobile or desktop screen. 

This is an especially effective strategy to implement during the holiday season. As you have to convey special offers, incentives or any relevant news about the company. If consumers see something enticing, they will tap on the notification. Redirecting them to the brand’s page. 

Although, consumers should be given a choice to subscribe or unsubscribe from the notification. Make the push notifications exciting and enticing so that a customer doesn’t have to think twice before tapping on the icon. The message you deliver through this method helps improve the engagement rate. Eventually, leading to an increase in the conversion rate. Be mindful that you don’t overcrowd your customers’ devices with notifications. Ideally, send your consumers two to three notifications per day. One in the morning, the other in the evening and the last one at night. Try to segment your recipients into audiences. That can be targeted with the most powerful message for them.

Conversational Marketing

In today’s technologically advanced world, digital marketing has become increasingly sophisticated. The expectations of consumers are also evolving with time. A store can be created online in a jiffy. This makes it easier for customers to interact with the brand. 

Customers want to interact with a brand whenever it suits them. For such clients, time has become a relative concept. Suppose a customer orders something at midnight, and if the brand’s payment processor isn’t responding. That would be the last time you will be hearing from that customer. 

That’s where conversational marketing comes into the picture. Brands can use automated chatbot services. This helps guide customers if they are lost or don’t understand what’s happening. Pair chatbots with AI technology to create a user experience that feels like an individual is having a conversation with a human being. 

Determine the buying patterns of consumers and then target them accordingly. These days clients just want results, whether it’s from a human or a chatbot. If consumers feel like they are being attended to, they will become repeat customers. Develop scripts and conversation flows to boost engagement levels. 

Tools to skyrocket audience engagement


A major part of your brand’s social media is heavily reliant upon content. This application plans to fill gaps between consumer expectations and the brand’s values. PostPlanner makes sure that you have interesting content all around the year and not just during one month. 

It allows you to post on multiple channels and share content that is relevant to your industry. Finding the right content that fits your audience is likely to result in increased engagement but can be incredibly time-consuming.

PostPlanner helps you find awesome content. That is already performing well on social media. Once you find the best content, schedule it, and see how it performs! PostPlanner can handle all of that and much more. 

PostPlanner enables brands to save time and money, as everything is available on one platform. Idea generation takes the most time when companies are looking for new topics to talk about. Powered with AI, PostPlanner allows you to schedule those posts at optimized times. This further helps with boosting engagement levels. 

Social Searcher

It can take brands time to respond to every single comment or mention. And this is not a practical measure, especially if you are running a corporation. Manually seeking out mentions can take you ages. But no need to worry anymore, as Social Searcher is here to remove this hassle from your business routine. It ensures that time is not wasted and is strictly spent on replying to customers on different social media platforms. 

Social Searcher assists you in keeping up with the top social media conversations. So that you can respond in a timely manner. It’s an ideal application great for both positive and negative engagement. A tool like this makes it easier to ensure no comments are slipping through the cracks. 

This tool can help you with various audience insights allowing for a well-targeted marketing strategy. It ensures that your campaign is value-driven and you do not aimlessly shoot arrows in the dark. Social Searcher can help you find the right hashtags along with the right time to post content. Even which platforms you should be focused on. 


In today’s time, video content is everywhere. This type of marketing strategy is incredibly popular. Especially when it comes to social media. Believe it or not! Video marketing gets the best engagement results. It doesn’t matter the scale of your operations. Video marketing is always going to be your helping hand. Wave.video is an awesome tool. It helps you put together social media videos. 

No need to hire video editors, as this application does everything. From cutting to adding background music to your video content. It also has the option where you can choose from its library of stock videos. Even upload your own video content, and add other features. Such as text, icons, and filters to help your video stand out in the sea of competition. You can easily use their marketplace to optimize your video for different platforms. 

Including Instagram and Facebook Story formats, as well as Facebook Cover videos. Need more time when making a video? Don’t worry. Wave.video got you covered. So try this tool out and see an uptick in your engagement levels. 


This platform unifies all your customer data points. This helps give a broad view of your user data. It allows teams to create better product experiences across the board. This enables teams to quickly collect and route customer data. The information is then used to make any changes to the website. 

Segment is synonymous with boosting your platform’s engagement level. It helps you tie user data points together. Giving you a complete overview of customer data, including various data touchpoints. Marketers can gain an in-depth understanding about their needs. Allowing them to craft a compelling product experience. 

Here are some things that you can do with Segment: 

  • Integration with popular applications.
  • Studying customer data points.
  • Onboarding new tools in a steadfast manner.
  • Audience segmentation across different channels.


BuzzMaster is an audience interaction app with a slight twist. It includes real people who moderate the audience’s responses in real time. All the journalists in BuzzMaster are experienced event managers. They sort through the data to curate the most interesting comments and find your visitors’ best stories. 

They can also hit the audience with new, unexpected questions. Helping to facilitate the session and create a buzz around your brand. This is a great tool for events such as conferences or debates where you want to stimulate conversation. This application’s simplicity ensures audiences are compelled to attend the event. 

Future of Audience Engagement 

The future of audience engagement looks bright as brands try to diversify their efforts to improve the acquisition rate. Infographics and memes will take over the market by storm. When browsing social media, individuals want to learn about the relevant industry while having fun. Infographics incorporate these two elements together beautifully. It communicates any idea or concept across very well. Memes are a great way to engage audience members. And literally, anyone can make them without learning graphic designing skills. Funny content sticks with the mind of the consumers, and they retain information better this way. Memes are broad and aren’t just meant for one particular niche. Use them as you please. But make sure that they are engaging and keep in mind excess of anything is not good. These two elements will be used in the future to attract customers and make sure they buy from them repeatedly. 

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