Brand Image Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

Brand image marketing and customer satisfaction are the best ingredients to create a long-lasting impact!

A company is seldom successful if it doesn’t blend brand image marketing and customer satisfaction. Yes, both are two completely different entities. But in today’s marketing world, customer satisfaction is a direct consequence of brand image marketing. Therefore, both should be considered equally important. 

Gone are those days when surface level marketing techniques used to cut it. We live in a digital world. Information is being processed and consumed by the minute. It is only natural for audiences to divert their attention if they don’t find a company practicing customer satisfaction through brand image marketing. 

Before we discuss this topic further, lets decode what the terms really mean. 

What Is Brand Image Marketing? 

A company can have a comprehensive vision of how they see their brand image. But that is a one-dimensional thought process. A company’s aspiration is seldom matched with the way audiences perceive the brand. That means that brand image marketing is strictly done to fuel certain sentiments within the audience. The idea is to have a set perception for the brand’s personality. 

But, the interesting part is that perceptions can vary because everybody consumes content differently. Moreover, different groups of audiences have varying ideologies. So, it is completely up to them as to how they look at a brand. But marketing techniques can boost the likelihood of companies getting what they want. 

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is the key objective of all marketing strategies. Customers have always been the core of any flourishing business. And rightly so, because customers have the power to make a business recognized or completely do away with it. 

Hence, brands are hell-bent on providing a satisfying experience to their customers. That is because the economy is constantly changing and customer needs are, too. A brand image marketing mistake can easily lead to a decline in customer satisfaction. Therefore, companies need to reimagine ways to offer them a satisfying experience. 

Brand Image Marketing and Customer Satisfaction: The Relationship

 Both factors are usually dealt with separately. But digitization has urged marketers to overlap both factors so that there are stellar results. The first step to brand image marketing is to think of customer satisfaction as a whole. The image of a brand needs to be built based on customer needs and expectations. 

As a result, brand image marketing and customer satisfaction unite to open doors of success for a company. A new branch of this concept sheds light on marketing that is done on social causes. Audiences are woke and progressive now. They don’t settle for average content. So, brands need to reimagine strategies to provide customer satisfaction. 

Going Back To A Celebrated Era

This trend is superb for well established companies that have room to experiment. Every company faces a phase where they cannot figure out what is missing in their marketing strategy. Nostalgia marketing is a great approach to gain customer interest once again, 

For example, McDonald’s recently launched their vintage happy meals, but for adults. It was obviously a marketing strategy to gain popularity in a new way. And it tugged at the right chords. The response was amazing, and customers loved this approach. 

Visual Branding

There needs to be a visual element in every marketing campaign. Customers are more inclined toward getting visually pleased rather than scrolling through wordy posts. Short-form videos and reels have gained monumental viewership. And that’s the very reason why brands should be following this trend. 

Playing with quirky colors and effects to make a video is the new trend. It piques customer interest. Plus, visual content impacts their minds more. That convinces them to follow through with making the purchase. 

Repurposing Content

Another stellar trend that is taking center stage is content repurposing. Many companies create a gazillion marketing strategies, but only some make it big. The rest are kept in the back-log. A smart approach would be to redo them and use those strategies effectively. 

After all, tons of money and resources go into creating a marketing plan. So, research teams should sit down and discuss how they can repurpose content for it to resonate. 


Customers feel super acknowledged when they are catered to in a personalized way. It reflects that a brand is genuinely concerned about their support. Marketers can target an audience and then study their behaviors. Once that is done, they can easily provide them with personalized experiences. This makes customers stick to the brand even when the economy is fluctuating. Plus, they become avid supporters too! 

Email Marketing

Another extension of personalization is email marketing. It is an approach that is considered traditional but always strikes the right deal. Companies only have to make a list of their loyal customers and send them emails. Those emails should entail that they appreciate the customers’ support. Adding special discounts and offers always works wonders. Customers can redeem those offers whenever they want. And as a result, they feel appreciated and super acknowledged!

Bring Customer Reviews To The Forefront

This age is all about making customers a part of the product journey. Everyone has something to say, and they feel visible when they get a platform to project it. Brands should shift their focus on getting authentic customer reviews. This would help in gaining transparency. 

Also, customers would love to pitch in. Consequently, reviews also open doors for in-depth discussions. Moreover, engagement rates rise, and more traffic is witnessed. So, this is a complete win-win situation! 

Will Brand Image Marketing Always Lead To Customer Satisfaction?

The answer is yes. This approach is a double-edged sword. If the former is done in a superb way, then the latter will also become a reality. Brands cannot choose how they are perceived by their audience. It is always the customers who perceive a brand positively. That is, after being satisfied with the company on all fronts. It is a unique approach. But one that can reap countless benefits from sales to  customer retention. So this will be present for times to come.

Featured Image: Emotive Brand

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