Digital Marketing KPIs: A Guide to Success

Boost your business with the help Digital Marketing KPIs!

A roadmap of what you are doing is an essential part of any business. Measuring the success of your business is the key to having the right direction. You must keep track of your business and its failures if you want to do better. Any business today cannot function without measuring the quality of its content and sales. This is where digital marketing KPIs play a significant role in every business. You must be thinking how measurement works, do not worry. 

Let us give you a detailed article on what digital marketing KPIs mean, a list of a few digital marketing KPIs and a guide to select the essential KPIs. 

What Are Digital Marketing KPIs?

Digital Marketing KPIs can be termed as the metrics or the measurements through which a marketing team can evaluate its success. KPI independently means a key performance indicator. This leads us to see how these can be about any aspect of the business. For example, the performance of the team or how well the sales are doing. 

Tracking KPIs: The Agenda

The agenda is quite simple. You want clarity in what works for you and what does not. may be successful in your digital marketing strategies but if you are blind to what exactly is bringing success to you, it means nothing. You will not know where and when to improve a thing or repeat it. 

For example, P.P.C. leads might be bringing the best leads to you, but you are focused on SEO, and you keep spending a lot of money on it. This not only makes you waste your money but also makes you look like a warrior without a cause. It is one big cause of loss of money, and great business leaders do not commit such a mistake. 

As simple as it sounds, digital marketing KPIs will enable you to improve the aspects that work for you and cancel on those that do not. 

Tracking Digital Marketing KPIs: The Road to Discovery

Now that we are done explaining why we need to keep track of the KPIs let us move on to how we actually track the digital marketing KPIs.

Tracking the KPIs is not tricky anymore; all you need is a software that will do its job for you. The software that we have found suitable to mention here is Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard Software. This software is an excellent way to connect all your marketing platforms. The action is performed by APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The purpose of connecting all the platforms is to analyze the data through every angle. It becomes a hectic job if you have to monitor the data separately on every platform. This is where this software brings you ease and efficiency. 

It also enables you to select from a variety of pre-made report templates. These help you to keep tabs on key performance indicators for SEO, pay-per-click metrics, email marketing, social media, and more. 

The tool also helps you to assimilate all the essential KPIs into one KPI dashboard. This will help you to keep track of the metrics. The good part is that you can do it anytime you want. Use this software and see the magic yourself.

Essential KPIs: A Valuable List

Here is the list of some essential digital marketing KPIs that you will need to keep a sharp eye on.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is probably the favorite word of every entrepreneur. We do not blame them because of their vast and mighty impact on a business’s growth. Let us break down the things that fall into this:

Search Traffic

Search traffic KPI refers to metrics used to measure the performance and effectiveness of a website’s search function. Some examples of search traffic KPIs include the number of search queries, the click-through rate (CTR) of search results, and the conversion rate of search visitors. These metrics can help website owners understand how their search function is used and identify improvement areas.

It will also let you see your website’s page views and organic traffic. Through these KPIs, you can know how well your website is doing, it will enable a company to go deeper into what can be done to improve the SEO of the website. Companies can also use these KPIs to see if the bounce rate is high. They can use that information and try to improve their content for better engagement so that the number of audience drop off can be changed or improved. These fall in the category of digital marketing KPIs and you, as a business owner or learner, should know how important it is. 

The Cold War of Keywords Ranking

The keyword KPI will notify you about the keywords and sentences that will help you get on top of the search. You should be able to know the changes in the ranking. These changes will let you know what works well for you and what does not. For example, if you are using keywords without doing a proper research and only incorporating them blindly then it will bring nothing to you. These KPIs will help you to eliminate those wordy sentences that are not gauging any viewership. You have to be relevant, witty and chic in this regard because keywords affect the overall impact of the content. 

One of the crucial parts of SEO is the relevance of the backlinks. You must have heard about inbound links or incoming links. Backlinks are just another name for inbound and incoming links. The backlinks are important for SEO because Google uses these links to evaluate the authority of the website. Some businesses incorporate these backlinks to do well in SEO while others also use these links to get a link back, a favor sort of thing. 

Companies use backlinks to improve their website’s visibility and search engine rankings. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to a company’s website. When a website has many high-quality backlinks, search engines like Google view it as more authoritative and relevant and may rank it higher in search results. 

Additionally, backlinks can drive referral traffic to a company’s website, as users may click on the links to learn more about the company or its products and services. This KPI takes you to see how many other sites are indirectly or directly linked to your website. The effect of these backlinks on your business site is also valuable to know through this KPI. 

Social Media KPIs: The Bull of the Town

How alienated can a person be if they do not understand the popularity of social media KPIs? Digital Marketing KPIs are incomplete and unattainable without looking at the power of social media. Check below the factors of social media KPIs.

Comments and Shares

Likes, shares, and comments are the critical KPIs that will lead you to know how much impact your business has. Social media is one thing any successful and visionary business will target at any cost. These KPIs are hence a great way to stay on the best foot and know how many people have engaged with your site. 

Followers Are the New Fans

We all agree that social media followers are the people who are extremely invested in your business. New followers always mean new potential leads, and this KPI will let you know how well you are doing in terms of gaining new leads. 

Click Through Rate: The Clicking Game

This KPI is also one crucial digital marketing KPI that you need to know about. How does it work? Well, as the name simply suggests, C.T.R. will help you understand how many people clicked. These clicks could be on your posts or the links you give on your site. This is one significant KPI to see how many people engage with your company. So, watch out for clicks because they tell you how far you have reached. 

The Customer Acquisition Cost

This KPI is important for every aspect of your business. This helps you decipher how much you spend or should spend on retaining the customer. It not only restricts itself to old customers but also the new customers. The cost of advertising and sales calls can be put under this category. 

Brainstorming the Correct Way to Track KPIs

Email marketing KPIs or digital marketing KPsI, you have to be mindful of some things that will help you track KPIs more effectively. Below is the list of things that should be considered before you embark on the journey of digital marketing KPIs. 


You cannot go all out there to track the KPIs in a day. It is important to revise and reform the goal of your KPIs. You should be able to demarcate the different functions of different aspects of your business. So, be very specific about the things you want to track. Being specific will let you save your time and you will know how much energy you need to spend on some tasks. 

We all know how important being clear about our goals is. Being specific is important in all walks of life but it becomes even more essential when it comes to tracking the KPIs for success. If you are not clear and specific then you will keep on wandering around and will not find anything. 


Before you do all that tracking and stuff, you need to be relevant. You need to see if you are tracking the right KPIs. Sometimes, a business will use metrics that are not immediately required or have nothing to do with the company’s success. You need to sit down with yourself and see how the KPIs are relevant enough to generate some success for you as a business. 

The time required to apply the metrics is also something that needs to be taken into consideration. You cannot set unachievable goals in your digital marketing journey. The time that it will take has to benefit your business. Otherwise, it is not essential. 

You should not measure the KPIs that are not going to help you benefit the business. Always probe into the potential insights of measuring each KPI. You should invest time on KPIs that have room for improvement and can bring better reach. Otherwise, leave it and move on with the rest of the essential things. 

For example, counting vanity metrics like the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers is tempting. However, if it’s not useful for you, you must not waste your time and energy on it. A blind measurement of the KPIs is as bad as an infection and will destroy your business. 

Digital Marketing KPIs: The Truth Unfold

Many people must have done it wrong when they thought they could measure all the KPIs. In digital marketing KPIs, you must be realistic, goal specific, and visionary. You must invest time into what works well for your business and does not. There is no doubt that measuring KPIs is an integral part of your road to success. No business today could run on its own instinct without knowing these essential KPIs such as SEO, C.T.R., social media KPIs, and more. So, our job was to unfold the truth about being apt in defining digital marketing KPIs and their importance; the rest is your job. 

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