Visual Content Strategy: Game-Changing for Brands!

Visual content can be transformative for brands!

If you’re looking to switch up your marketing game, focus your efforts into creating a visual content strategy. The onset of AR/VR content has transformed the way marketer’s use visuals to communicate with target audiences. 

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that brands are bringing their A-game when it comes to visual content strategy. This is why you should get on board with the best visual content practices in 2023.

What Is Visual Content Strategy?

The visual content strategy of a brand involves the tools and practices employed by marketers to visually communicate with customers. For instance, a pop-up window on a website is a type of visual content. 

With this type of strategy, there are a multitude of elements that brand marketers need to consider. The color-scheme, text, layout and style are just a few examples. For web visitors and social media users, visual content is everything. Here’s how you can leverage visual content to your advantage. 

The Importance of Visual Content (Source: WP)

Types of Visual Content  

As with other marketing strategies, there’s no hard and fast rule with this one either. There is a lot of room for experimentation with visual content. As a brand marketer, you should try your hand at the latest types of visual content. This can help you get a competitive edge.


The Gen Z set of web visitors/social media users prefer concise text. This is why infographics work so great for them. By displaying content in a concise way, marketers can get their point across. For example, an infographic showing statistical information with the help of pie charts.  

The use of infographics can unlock numerous benefits. If you want to build back-links, infographics are your best bet. This type of content can also support your SEO strategy. For brand visibility, visually-striking infographics can work magic.

Animated Videos   

With animated content, the user engagement rate can be considerably high. This presents marketers with a golden opportunity to use visual content to their advantage. The wonderful part about this type of content is that it enables the display of limitless creativity. 

The broad range of innovative animation tools can assist marketers in whipping up intriguing videos. Powtoon is an example of such a tool. Don’t keep your customers waiting and invest in this fabulous tool now. 

Pop-up Windows   

Whether it’s for a newsletter subscription or a discount code, pop-up windows serve the purpose. These windows interrupt the browsing process of an online shopper to inform them of certain information. With the help of striking colors and interactive elements, pop-up windows leave a lasting impression on the web visitor. 

If you’re looking for types of visual content to incorporate to your website, this one’s it. By doing so, you can persuade web visitors to share their emails in exchange of incentives like discounts or sale notifications. 

Digital Illustrations    

Image generation with the help of AI tools is an interesting development in the marketing world. The use of digital illustrations can spark the interest of customers and can guide them to finalize a purchase. The market is filled with tools to help you with this.

For example, designs made with Adobe Illustrator can cast a spell over customers. The trick is to come up with brand-specific illustrations so you can work on visibility and backlinks. 

AR/VR Content

AR filters have revolutionized visual content strategy. Platforms like Meta, Snapchat and Instagram are using this visual magic trick to help their businesses become more prominent. These interesting visuals provide users a fun way to explore a brand. 

AR/VR content is making waves all over the digital world. For futuristic brand marketers, no visual content strategy can be made successful without the use of these advanced technologies. 


Memes are an emotive form of content. It is a Gen Z favorite, which makes it the best option for modern brands. Websites like Twitter and Instagram are great for spotting the latest meme trends. By creating a post with a meem template, brands can rope in the attention of users. 

Memes have the power to increase brand awareness and build customer relationships. In 2023, memes should be an essential part of the visual content strategy of any brand. 

Visual Content: Best Practices  

Now that you’ve got your visual content type sorted, it’s time to shift your focus on the best practices. By adhering to these practices, you can optimize the use of visual content for your brand. You should never second-guess your visual marketing strategies as it is through experimentation that one lands the best practices. 

There are always ways to refine your efforts. To accomplish this, you should be open to all sorts of visual content practices. There’s a lot to be gained with a powerful visual marketing strategy. Try your luck with some of the best visual content practices now. 

Stay Informed With These Statistics (Source: Mind the Graph)

If you’ve mastered the art of creating infographics, you should know about the importance of using the brand’s logo. Whether it’s for school research projects or blogs, infographics are in high demand. By adding the brand logo onto the photo, marketers can make their brands more discoverable.

Building backlinks is a much too obvious benefit of using infographics. The company logo can help give brands the credit of such visual content. It is essential to add a unique logo on the illustration/infographic to make the most out of this content. 

Use Editing Tools   

Canva requires no introduction. A fool-proof visual content strategy demands the use of editing tools. These come with image enhancing features and fun animation options. To create one-of-a-kind social media posts, these tools can work fabulously. 

It would be smart to experiment with as many editing tools as you can. By doing so, you can select only those tools that serve your marketing objectives. From free trials to premium versions, you should try your hand at all the options. 

Interactive Elements

The use of buttons and GIFs can have a considerable effect on web visitors. These intriguing visual content types can help make your brand shine. This clever practice can capture the attention of prospective customers. 

Interactive elements can be used in various creative ways. For instance, in emails an interactive timer can be placed to showcase a sale. This can prompt readers to actively engage with the brand. It is a superb practice that is bound to benefit your marketing campaign. 

Repurpose Content  

Repurposing visual content is a cost-effective strategy that can help your brand soar with great success. To go about it, you simply need to use the content of old infographics, illustrations or videos. By giving the content a super makeover, you can re-share it. 

You can repurpose old content in new blogs. By doing so, SEO efforts can be supplemented. There is little risk involved with this practice. For a high-yielding visual content strategy, content repurposing is crucial. 

Creative Original Content 

It can be tempting to use an image or video template. After all, it saves marketer’s a great deal of time and money. However, this can backfire. The more unique your visual content is, the greater chances of its success. 

Original content can be of monumental value to brands. THis content can assist in the efforts to build backlinks. Customers are also more likely to appreciate unique and original video ideas. Brand marketers can even ignite trends on social media platforms with the help of original content. 

Don’t Forget SEO   

Visual content and SEO are interlinked. For your SEO rescue efforts, visual content can save the day. For instance, using keywords in short videos can have a monumental impact on your website’s ranking. Most startup brand marketers overlook this vital aspect. 

It would be a grave mistake to cast aside SEO in the creation of visual content. To make your brand outshine competitors, video SEO is to be focused on. Redirect your efforts into this and watch your marketing efforts translate into success. 

Visual Content Strategy and Generative AI  

If there’s one trick up the sleeve of most successful marketers, it’s Generative AI. The use of AI technology in the generation of illustrations and texts has jolted the digital landscape. The future of visual content strategy is interlinked with Generative AI tools. As more advanced tools make a show stopping entry in the market, brands are conflicted about which tool to pick.  

In 2023, digital marketers are swimming in endless possibilities for the creation of visual content. 

Featured Image: Kinsta

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