The Power Of Digital Storefront

The shopping experience has changed by and large. The introduction of a digital storefront is one change that has positively impacted the marketplace. In-store shopping still exists but has become a last resort. This is because almost every item can be viewed, tried, and purchased online. Yes, such concepts are a result of the pandemic. But ideas like these are obviously futuristic. Even if the pandemic had not affected the world massively, such ideas would still remain relevant because the world is moving at a faster pace. 

The crux of a digital storefront and other concepts alike lies in bringing ease to the shopping experience. Audiences juggle a gazillion things daily and do not wish to waste time looking for items in a store. Moreover, there is a lot that goes into making a shopping trip. Hence, reaping the benefits of a digital storefront from the comfort of your home seems like a better idea. 

Before we discuss the monumental benefits, let’s look at what the term really means! 

What Is A Digital Storefront? 

Simply put, a digital storefront is everything that goes into a traditional in-store experience but is done online. Digital storefronts are the online representation of the image and marketing of a company. Let’s face it, no business can thrive by depending on traditional tactics anymore. Every business, large or small, needs to ponder over having a digital storefront. A digital storefront is more like a service that checks all the boxes for a comfortable shopping experience. 

It is an all in one solution to market, track, deliver, and customize shopping experiences. For example, Amazon is an example of a digital storefront that has become the most popular ecommerce platform. One can find a gazillion items in each category. Moreover, they do not even have to bargain since they get an option in every price-bracket. Also, you can track your delivery and have a smooth journey toward checking out as well. Refunds and exchanges are also possible. And most importantly, it targets all audiences, so everyone feels like they can buy something on such a platform. 

Source: eBay Inc

What Is The Importance Of a Digital Storefront?

The importance of digital storefronts for businesses and customers is different. Let’s have a look:

Importance For The Business

The importance of a digital storefront lies in conducting all business practices online. It makes it easier for platforms to keep track of all activities. It makes it easier for online platforms to engage and communicate with their audiences effectively. Unfortunately, in store shopping experiences limit communication. 

They do not have enough space to follow up and build a relationship with each customer. The ease for businesses also lies in efficiently billing and keeping a record of all orders. Since a digital storefront is a cloud based system, everything becomes part of a record that can be revisited. 

Importance For The Customers 

In all honesty, digital storefronts have a two-sided benefit. They work well for businesses and their customers. Digital storefronts are great for customers because they provide them with a one stop solution to view popular products, order them, and track them as well. They can communicate their needs with the platform and get the items they desire. 

The importance is also highlighted based on the variety of products available. In comparison to traditional shopping experiences, digital storefronts offer all sorts of varieties. Instore shopping limits the customer to only settling for what is available. Digital storefronts offer them an experience where customers can browse and buy items available globally. 

Benefits Of A Digital Storefront

All In One Marketing Solution 

Signing up for a digital storefront is in itself a solution for all marketing needs. This is because a digital storefront helps design customizable themes. Moreover, it helps design websites based on customer preferences. Shopping stores may not be able to get products fully designed based on customer expectations. But digital storefronts can be redesigned multiple times. 

Marketing tactics alter rapidly. Plus, it is important to align online marketing with them. Hence, a digital storefront can easily make more money because it can be changed according to customer expectations. This will encourage customers to check out the storefront, browse through the products, and finally make a purchase. 

Record Keeping And Tracking 

The best thing about online platforms and digital storefronts is that everything becomes part of a comprehensive record. The majority of customers have bid farewell to in store shopping because exchanging and refunding becomes a hassle. However, the main point of choosing a digital storefront to conduct business is to keep a concrete record of each customer and their spending. 

If an issue arises, both the customer and the business can revisit the record to look into the matter. Also, the issue can be resolved quickly. Another benefit is that a record helps to retain customers. The online platform can look into the details and customize the customer’s experience based on their journey so that they can be retained. Records are also important to investigate any sort of fraudulent activity. Businesses can easily find out if their efforts are being compromised and report such instances to higher authorities. 

Selling Around The Clock

Since everything has gone digital, a digital storefront breaks all geographical boundaries and delivers around the clock. Signing up for means that services can be provided twenty four seven. That means that sales will be taking place at all times throughout the week. Ecommerce platforms that create a digital storefront bid farewell to all restrictions. Plus, they bring a newfound ease for their customers. 

Unlike physical stores that have strict hours and are also closed on certain days, digital storefronts offer an experience where the customers do not have to deal with that at all. 

Redefining The Shopping Experience

Digital storefronts have the ability to provide a fresh experience to customers. Customers do not have to wait in line to get their queries answered. Moreover, they do not even have to make extra effort on their follow up requests. It is a one-stop solution for customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Customers can ask questions and register complaints even in the wee hours. The best part is, they would not even have to wait because the responses and solutions will be instant. 

Effective Communication 

Digital storefronts obviously allow stores to be accessible all around the clock. Plus, on a global scale. A lesser known fact is that they improve communication within the company as well. Since most communication channels are automated, companies can practice communication at odd hours too. This has a shared benefit for the e-commerce business and its customers. 

Being able to communicate effectively and at all hours means that the business will be considered approachable. Also, it will give off the feeling of being customer centric. Customers can also communicate based on their preferences. Communication, good or bad, still opens multiple channels to improve engagement. Effective communication can lead to customer retention and loyalty. Moreover, it can make the business with the digital storefront more visible for the audiences. 


Digital storefronts have superb capabilities to customize the shopping experience. It is a given that the digital storefront presents itself in a way that is appealing for audiences. Moreover, a digital storefront has the ability to study customer preferences and present products after studying every customer’s behavior. 

This leads to the shopping experience being personalized. What would be better than this? A customer can land on a digital storefront and instantly feel like the experience was specially created for them. The product listings, the sequence of them and different options aid to enhancing the experience. That eventually leads to customers going forward with the purchase and revisiting the storefront. 

Digital Storefront x AR 

A digital storefront is undoubtedly powered by AI and AR. That is also a byproduct of business practices changing after the pandemic affected the entire world. Businesses had to think of something that would still gain customers’ trust and maintain it as well. The power of going digital knows no bounds, and that reflects in business using AR. Customers could not imagine that there would be a time when they could not only view but also try on products to see if they suited their needs. 

With AR becoming a key player in the business world, the shopping experience has completely transformed for the better. Customers do not even have to make a trip to shopping stores anymore. They can browse the digital storefront and see what they like. Plus, they can even try the items on or place them in their homes with the help of their mobile phone’s camera. It all adds up to ease for the customer, and having a digital storefront confirms that. 

Omnichannel Checkouts

A one dimensional strategy seldom works out for an ecommerce store. Moreover, restricting customers will also lead to a decline. However, a digital storefront does away with that because it provides customers with an omnichannel experience. That goes for communication and check out methods. Having strict rules around these departments is not something that the consumer base is in favor of. Customers have their preferences and respond positively they reflect in a business’s practices. 

That gives them the feeling of being acknowledged and having their needs considered. Omnichannel marketing helps customers get attracted around the globe. On the other hand, an omnichannel checkout feature will help bring ease to the customers because they will be paying the way they want to. But, this way, the ecommerce stores can have more sales based on multiple methods. So, it serves both parties positively. 

Examples Of Successful Digital Storefronts


Amazon has the leading digital storefront. With over twelve million products listed, it goes without saying that their layout has been successful. That is a result of being supported by multiple APIs that work towards studying customer behavior. Each customer’s browsing history is studied. And the menu layout is created according to that. 

To make the experience positive for everyone, the search bar is visible, and the suggestions are top-notch. It is created in a way that is pleasing to everyone. Moreover, everyone gets to buy items within their own budget. So, it is super personalized too.

Source: Fabric Blog

J. Crew

J.Crew is a clothing brand, but its digital storefront has improved massively. Online sales are extremely important for all businesses. But that requires a top-notch digital storefront. By keeping the menu bar in the center of the screen, J. Crew has improved the image of its digital storefront. Following in the footsteps of Amazon, J. Crew studies customer preferences and displays products based on every user’s buying history and expectations. This model has obviously helped them improve their sales and mark their territory in the marketplace. 

Source: Fabric Blog

Will Digital Storefronts Remain A Key Player?

The answer is an absolute yes. Digital storefronts, in their entirety, only focus on enhancing the customer experience. And that benefits the company and brings ease to its customers too. Customers vouch for specific brands that have digital storefronts because they are easy to sift through. Moreover, communication is effective, so all customers feel heard and acknowledged. So, this definitely means that digital storefronts will remain a key player in the digital business world too. 

Featured Image: Baer Performance Marketing

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